Helena and me in the garage

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Helena and me in her garage That morning I had stayed at home while Anita had gone to her office. It was strange to me receiving a phone call from Helena, my wife’s best friend. I asked if Ana was with her, if everything was fine, but then I was surprised when she told me she was alone at her home, feeling horny and looking desperately for a nice hard cock.

I could not believe what I was hearing, that sexual goddess talking to me about sex??? I asked her for her husband Jorge, but she said that useless man was out of town and insisted she needed to be fucked properly… by my hard cock or she would go to find another stallion who wanted to enjoy her… “You better be here in twenty minutes, Victor… or I will fuck the first black cock I find on the streets…” She said in her deep sensual voice.

I still could not believe it. Twenty minutes later I was knocking at her door. She came to open with a glass full of bourbon in her hand. Her makeup was so fucking sexy and she was wearing a pale green summer dress and high heels.

“Are you sure of this, Helena?” I asked her, taking the full glass from her soft hand. Her answer was only point me at the garage, telling me to wait her there inside… Two minutes later she stood by the inner garage door, she shut it turned the lights on. As we stood there she said “There, by the work station bench Jorge likes so much”.

As we walked over to the bench I said: “Put your hands on the table”. As she did I came from behind and fondled her massive tits. I spent a fair few minutes feeling her up as her nipples started to become erect. She sighed, feeling my soft touch.

“My stupid husband never does it to me, babe” She moaned. I turned her around to face me and she was smiling. I felt my cock was rock hard. As I bent down and licked her nipples her hand was on the back of my head as she sighed.

After another few minutes I ordered “Turn around again”. She put her hands back on the work bench and I was pressed my crotch against her round buttocks, feeling her firm ass cheeks through the thin fabric of her dress. I lifted up her sexy dress and slipped my hand over her small cotton thong.

“I have often fantasied about this” She said. After a few minutes of rubbing her pussy she said “I think I am coming” as she said it I slipped my finger deeper onto her wet clitoris, rubbing her hard but gentle. She finally let out a muffled moan as I felt her body tremble as she climaxed.

“Thank you” She said, kissing my lips. Bending down once again I licked her nipples as my finger carried on rubbing again passing deep her pussy lips. Then I knelt before her, put her calves and ankles on my shoulders and licked her beautiful mound, making her moan in pleasure… Just a couple of minutes later she groaned louder, shuddered and climaxed again.

I stood up and unbuttoned my trousers, as they fell to the floor and my erection was plain to see I pushed her towards the bench. Lifting up her dress I opened her thighs and I rubbed the head of my rock hard cock over her soaking pussy lips… “Fuck me, babe, do not keep me waiting” She moaned and opened her thighs wider as I pushed my cock up her wet love tunnel.

. . . .