Its cookie time!

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I hope you enjoy this one! Jesus! My nipples! They are OUT! As she drove her minivan, Abby Carter looked down at her chest in a panic. The 25-year-old blonde had forgotten to put on a bra before dashing out of the house. Abby wore her comfy-but-threadbare Eminem concert T-shirt shed had for a decade.

Flip-flops and way-too-tight cutoff shorts completed her inappropriate outfit. Why didnt I remember earlier that I have to pick up Emmas Girl Scout cookies today! Abby wailed to herself. Now I have to meet the Girl Scout leader dressed like THIS! The young mom shivered thinking of Mrs.

Mrs. Moffatt and the other moms from the troop were overly polite to her, but Abby always felt like these power moms disapproved of her. Im too young. Im too blond.

Im divorced. And my tits are too big, Abby thought to herself, hiding a smile. And now Im going to show up looking like the slut from Mrs. Moffatts worst nightmares.

Abby suddenly flashed back to the night 10 years earlier when she got her Eminem T-shirt. After the concert she and her boyfriend Tyler had parked at the lake and climbed into the back seat of his dads big car. Tumbling on top of one another, they laughed and kissed and undressed each other.

As Abby wound her fingers in Tys curly hair, he moved his mouth up, rooting for her clit. When he found it and began suckling, Abby gasped. Ty had continued his insistent sucking while Abby mindlessly humped his face, lost in pleasure. That was the first night she had come.

Abby blushed at the memory. The young blonde shifted in her seat, unexpectedly aware of her hardened clit inside the tight shorts. Looking down at herself as she parked in the Moffatts driveway, Abby noticed her nipples were now erect, and much more obvious than before her little mental trip down memory lane.

Oh well. At least Im here when I promised, thought Abby, standing up straight as she knocked on the door. Why Abigail, how nice to see you! Suzanne Moffatt, said brightly, showing all her capped teeth in a wide smile. Do come in! Mrs.

Moffatts eyes carefully avoided Abbys big tits. The young blonde walked into the living room, which was piled high with stacks of Girl Scout cookie boxes. The spotlessly clean room looked like Martha Stewart just finished decorating it. Abby shuffled her flip-flops, breasts swaying.

Her nipples pointed straight at Mrs. Moffatt. Sorry, I just ran out of the house. The older mom flashed another toothy smile.

Why dear, I understand! Im a mess myself! Mrs. Moffatt touched her flawless brown flip. And look at me! I might as well be in dungarees! Mrs. Moffatt wore a navy blue blazer with matching navy blue slacks.

Her tasteful silk blouse was topped with an understated strand of pearls. Do you have Emmas cookies ready for me to pick up? asked Abby. I sure do! I have 100 boxes set aside for each Brownie to sell in the next few weeks, said Mrs. Moffatt.

C. to be presented with a special Awesome Achiever medal from the Girl Scout Council president! Mrs. Moffatt was practically salivating. .