Kaylees hair peeks out

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Introduction: My third story, hope you like it! You know, I can see your . . . hair, whispered Gina, before dissolving into giggles.

GINA! You are AWFUL! Kaylee clapped both her hands over the front of the yellow bikini bottoms. She stood still for a moment, holding back a giggle, chewing her bottom lip. Ummm . .

. Can you really? Kaylee slowly dropped her hands from her swimsuit and peered down at herself. Past her swelling breasts and flat tummy, Kaylee indeed did see a few blond wisps curling out from the top of the bikini bottoms. Oh yeah, you are so busted! Gina teased.

The 15-year-old best friends stood next to each other in the department store dressing room, looking at themselves in the full-length mirror. Both had on teeny swimsuits, Kaylees yellow, Ginas white. Kaylees bikini complemented her blond hair, while Ginas long golden-brown ponytail looked great against her white suit.

I dont have a PELT problem! cried Kaylee, laughing in spite of herself. If you hadnt talked me into trying on a swimsuit a size too small, I wouldnt be, you know, peeking out. Well, we both vowed to get the sexiest suits we could find, said Gina, adjusting the strings holding up her skimpy bikini top.

Less fabric means more skin. Ginas top consisted of two small triangles of thin white fabric attached to strings. The triangles barely covered her nipples. Gina smiled at herself in the mirror.

There! I think Ill be OK if Im careful, said Kaylee, hand on her hips. I hope my mom doesnt freak out when she sees this bikini. Shes so old-fashioned! The blonde looked over at her friend. What about you? Are you showing too? Me? Gina laughed.

See? Gina pulled down the front of her bikini bottoms, revealing her mound down to the top of her slit. Gina was satiny smooth and perfectly hairless. Kaylee gasped and looked around, as if someone could actually be spying on them in the private dressing room. You .

. . SHAVE yourself? Kaylee whispered. She had a sudden irrational urge to reach out and touch her friends pale skin.

Yep, said Gina nonchalantly, as she turned around and looked back over her shoulder, trying to see how her rear end looked. Ever since last month, when I started dating Jon. He likes my pussy smooth, said Gina, smiling at her friend. Sometimes Jon shaves it for me.

Kaylees face was one big blush. Even her chest was pink. She pictured Gina lying back on her bed, legs spread, while her cute blond boyfriend shaved the dark curls from her pussy. Oh.

My. God. Jon does THAT! Yeah, hot, huh? I leave myself furry for him before we go out. Hell reach into my panties, and check me with his fingers.

Then we go up to my room. I lie back on my bed, and he shaves me smooth, then rinses me off, said Gina. A wicked grin grew on her pretty face. While Im still spread-eagled, you know what he does? Kaylee put her hands over her ears.

Dont tell me, dont tell me! Dont tell me!! . . . OK, tell me.

He eats me. Kaylee let out a little squeal. Jesus! I have GOT to start dating! Well, you could if you werent so picky! Youve been asked enough times, said Gina. You keep looking for a guy as hot as your stepdad, and he DOESNT EXIST.

Hey, how does my rear end look? Kaylee flushed at the comment about her stepdad, and looked down at her friends butt. The white suit was so small both smooth cheeks were nearly entirely exposed, and the crack of Ginas ass was almost showing. It looks awesome! Jon will love this suit, said Kaylee admiringly.

. . . .