Lisa’s Confession Sessions Ch 1 Gwen my Babys

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1. I was an athletic girl and loved running sports and gymnastics during P. E. at school.

The sweat and hard breathing made me feel alive. I was always up for a game of tag-your-it, we actually called it “tagyourit. ” I loved being chased around. I loved wearing flowing dresses in the summer.

I hated pants so much that I would only wear them if it was cold. At that time, I also hated panties too. I would get into trouble when my mom found out I had no panties on. Once she had my daddy spank my bare butt, and you might think that this is what started the whole thing for me, but, no.

It hurt like hell. To this day, I hate being spanked. No, I think my love of physical activities is what started me on my path. I was at school when I began to bleed the first time and I freaked out.

My mom, a nurse took me home and explained everything. I was relieved, but had no idea what she meant about how I would have new interests and desires and new sensations. Whatever. Then I found one of my father’s nasty magazines and learned about sex.

I ogled the pictures and read the reader’s letters describing their sex experiences. I began to ‘touch my privates’ and mimic the things in the magazine, but I know now that I had no real understanding of what I was doing. About this point my dad began traveling regularly to Alaska for his oil company, so mom hired a baby sitter, Gwen.

She was able to drive and seemed so much more mature then I was, she’d had her driver’s license a whole year already! She was beautiful and she was also physically inclined. I was small, but fast and we would play hide and seek and other games that inevitably ended with her crushing my small frame with her more developed body.

I was a strawberry blonde, about 65 pounds and four feet tall. She was third generation Mexican and white and was a tall, beautifully formed, maturing, and young woman. One night my mom was on a long shift and Gwen was watching me at our house and I heard that heavy breathing I associated with sports, but this was different.

She had was fixated on herself and didn’t see me peeking though the cracked open door. She pumped up and down with her body and then all of a sudden her head shot back and she let out a muffled wail and breathed hard. Her face was a pain-like grimace and when she did open her mouth her body convulsed and she opened her eyes a bit.

Then she saw me in the mirror. She quickly reached over and swung the door wide, revealing me with my mouth open watching her. She breathed heavily a few more times and then, after I didn’t run off, she smiled. “I’m sorry I woke you Lisa.

Are you ok,” Gwen asked still gyrating her hips a bit. “Ummm, yeah, I am fine. Are you ok?” I replied with my mouth still open. I was u*********sly holding the front of my bed shirt down over my thighs with both hands.

Gwen’s smile widened and she said, “I feel great, are you sure that you are ok? What got you out of bed?” I looked at her squatting like I had seen in daddy’s magazine and was pretty sure I knew what she was doing. I had mimicked many of the positions of the models in the magazines and Gwen was in one of those now.

. . . .