Lisa’s Confession Sessions Ch 2 Rubbing and

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2. Gwen stayed in my bed and pretty soon began to take things in a new direction. I wanted to learn, no I’d pleaded to learn how to touch myself as I had found her doing. Gwen had finally obliged me and then gave me my first orgasms and then had me taste myself and her.

Gwen was beautiful and at that moment, on my bed, in the low light of the room, she looked like a young Victoria’s Secret’s model. Her Mexican and white features were dreamy. Her bra and panties were actually a smaller Victoria’s Secrets set and were shiny around her cup and then lacy at the top.

Likewise, her panties had a shiny satin-lycra forming the body of the panty’s crotch and were trimmed elegantly with lace on both sides. Gwen reached down and pulled my hand to her crotch while her other hand pulled the cups downward and off her breasts and then torqued the panty-crotch away from her pussy.

After about twenty or thirty little gentle circles she took my fingers away and moved them downward to her tight flapped lips and then upward and inside her. Then she took her other hand and began rubbing her ‘clit’. She became very intense with her breathing and then, l felt her, well, her hole, compress around my fingers and then the convulsions occurred in her, just as they had in me.

Gwen screamed, “Hawwwh!! Ohhhhh! Fuck!!! AWWWWhhhhh!” I was so scared and surprised that I almost dived off the bed. Gwen’s grip held me in place and I just went with it. Over the next two hours Gwen and I masturbated. She taught me all she knew.

This added a new level of sensuality to the process. Gwen also taught me what everything was called, my ‘outty’ was actually a clit, my warm crotch hole was actually a vagina, a pussy, or if I wanted to be really naughty, a cunt. The only reason we stopped was because we heard my mom pull up in the driveway after getting home from the end of her 12 hour shift at the hospital.

I felt a swelling begin in my crotch and a pulse of erotic energy, and a struggle by me to hide those reactions from my mom. Of course, when dad was in town for his work it felt like I never saw Gwen. I was so excited when dad told me that he was going to take mom on a date just before he headed back to Alaska.

I knew that what he really meant was that he was going to take my mother to a nice resort hotel, wine and dine her, and then, without graphic in my own mind, I knew he was going to fuck her brains out. I became excited because I knew Gwen and I would be able to play and experiment and who knows what.

I had even pleased myself as a birthday present, a full decade, and so loved the orgasms. I would come home from school, or after-school gymnastics class and make myself shake and sweat daily. Roughly six months after my birthday my dad told mom and I that he was getting a promotion and would be gone for three months.

He wasn’t taller than my dad, but he was about ten years older than my dad’s young-looking age of 43. Apparently the party was to recognize my dad’s promotion and a new project for the oil company in Alaska. I decided that I kind of liked my dan’s boss after he played tag-your-it with me out back.

. . . .