Lisa’s Confession Sessions – Prelude

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Lisa’s Confession Sessions Please send me feedback. Prelude I was still numb, tasted cum, and was still a bit fuzzy in the head. I could hardly believe I had just blown the cock of a top Las Vegas Psychologist in his office. .

. during a session. A lot had happened and I was still trying to understand. The psychologist, Dr.

Heard, had been asked to both present the full offer from my ‘benefactor’, more of a sugar-daddy-cuckhold, and record the story of my life, a confession really. “You are making me tell everything that has happened to me? Why? Does this give him some perverse insight or closure? What if I refuse?” “I am not making you do anything.

You will remain his guest, if you like, but you will not, in his words, earn his assets. ” “So, like you said earlier, tell all and get it all or…” “Not my words, but essentially yes. But there is another side to this. This will liberate you in other ways.

You can keep holding the burden of your story, and it sounds like a remarkable story I must say, and that burden will continue to hold you down, oh, excuse me. What a horrible thing to say considering…I mean…what I am trying to say is that you will never be fully released by the things you have experienced.

“I must say, I would really love to hear your story. I know he has told me he loved the parts he knows, and just wants to be able to know your background to the fullest possible extent. ” “So the old perv wants to hear what? How I was taken so young? How I was conditioned to want sex all the time? How I was a whore? Or maybe how I screwed up my marriages?” “I agree that his interest is suggestive and illuminates his unusual tendencies, but he and I theorize, that some of your personal burden over these events could be significantly eased and I submit that you could enjoy your life more fully.

Is that what is troubling you? Heaven’s no. He just wants to provide all he can for you, and we both think this would be a big step. ” I considered his point. “I don’t know why this is a big deal for him.

I meet all the needs of our arrangement. I never asked for him to be a financial slave to me or to have this kind of control. ” I watched as Dr. Heard shifted in his leather chair and then looked at me with an expression that he knew what I was about to propose.

Then he said, “If you are concerned about your privacy, I will assure you, in whatever way you wish, Lisa, that everything will remain completely confidential. No one will be able to learn your story unless you and he both concur. My record will be stored on a device that is encrypted and secure and will never go to the internet.

I stood up and stepped to the window and looked at the office plaza’s fountain below. “Lisa, this story, what little I do know is amazing and should not be turned away from. I believe that there are others like you, those who experienced forbidden relations and grew to be so much more, and that your story is important.

” “No, Dr. Heard, you know so little, and you want to know if the good parts you know are the best parts. You want to see how far I have gone. ” “Well, I confess, yes I am curious, but you should see this as an opportunity to unburden you and to personally benefit.

. . . .