Loving Erica (Mf, fat/dau, rom) PART THREE (end)

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Loving Erica by SpectreOfHell Part 3 Things were normal at dinner and the rest of the night. Except that Erica and I kept looking into each other's eyes and smiling like idiots. Was this really happening? Was my daughter willingly becoming my lover? Later, she got her bath and returned in one of her short gowns.

Helen was starting to doze in her chair. Erica sat on my lap and I got instantly hard. Erica wiggled and giggled, and I realized she'd always known the effect she had on me. She nuzzled my neck and faintly whispered, 'When Mom falls asl**p, come tuck me in.

I almost groaned. An hour later, Helen had been snoring for ten minutes, and I felt it was safe to get up. She'd always been a very sound sl**per, but I was in a strange state of mind anyway. I wouldn't have cared if she did wake up.

I had to go see my daughter. All the same, I was scared out of my mind. Was I really going to do this? Yes, it seemed, as my feet led me down the hall. I eased open the door to my daughter's bedroom and peeked in.

I intended to cover her up, but my hand touched her leg and a shiver went through me. I caressed her soft skin, baby smooth and shining from a recent shaving. The feel of her beneath my touch, the sight and smell of her, it all added up in my brain and sent electric shocks shooting through my body as my cock stiffened in my pants.

Erica rolled onto her back and blinked up at me. 'Hey, Daddy,' she said, grinning. 'I started to think you weren't coming. ' 'Your mother is asl**p in her chair,' I said, not knowing what else to tell her.

Erica sat up, rubbing her eyes, then looked past me toward her door which I'd left open. 'You better lock it,' she said to me. I trembled. But I did what she suggested.

Erica instantly put her arms around my neck and drew my lips to hers for a soft, loving kiss. 'Mmm,' she said, as if the taste of me on her tongue was a culinary delight. 'Erica,' I said, 'are you sure this is something you want? What we're doing?' Erica nodded and pulled me close for another kiss.

I have to admit, her kisses were the sweetest, most profoundly satisfying human contact I've ever had. I felt connected to her as I never had to my own wife, Erica's mother. She was more than my daughter, and Erica felt it too. Still, I had to say it.

'You know this is i****t, right?' I asked. 'Yeah,' she said softly. 'And you can't tell anyone about it,' I added. She grinned and said, 'Don't be silly, Daddy.

' And she laughed, adding, 'You're not m*****ing me. I want this, I really do. ' 'But why, Erica?' I persisted. 'I'm an old, unattractive man.

Why would you want this with me?' She said, 'You're only thirty-three, Daddy. And I told you, every girl who knows you thinks you're hot. Almost all my friends have told me how sexy they think you are. You could have seduced any one of them.

But you picked ME. And I want it because I love you, I'll always love you. ' I kissed her and said, 'It won't last you know. You'll grow up, get married, you won't want this forever.

' She kissed me back as her petite hand found its way into my shirt to stroke my chest. 'Yes I will,' she said. 'No matter what, even if I do get married. My heart is always yours Daddy.

. . . .