Loving Erica (Mf, teen, fat/dau, rom) PART ONE

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Loving Erica By SpectreOfHell Part 1 Sometimes you have desires you didn't know you had. My daughter, for instance. She was f******n and gorgeous. I thought she was the loveliest girl on the planet.

Exotic and stunning was what she was, with her B cup breasts and smooth, supple skin. I admired her beauty and I loved her as my daughter. I loved her intensely, and she returned my affection by the ton. I just didn't realize that I wanted to fuck her until the day I did it.

I had thought of my daughter as being virginal, even though I should have known she wasn't. She dressed provocatively all the time, had boys chasing her around the block, but she was still my innocent little angel. I thought for sure she had no clue that I was getting erections every time she sat on my lap in the evenings wearing her short nightgowns.

So the day I walked in on her giving a blowjob really floored me. She hadn't heard me pull up in the driveway because her boyfriend was parked there. I'd had to park at the curb, which pissed me off. She knew she wasn't supposed to have boys over during the day when no one was home.

I entered the back door intending to rake her over the coals, and froze as I heard moaning from the living room. My bl**d ran cold. I put my lunchbox on the counter and walked into the living room. My feet made almost no sound because I'd taken my workboots off at the door.

Erica was on the sofa, kneeling on the cushions as she lay her head in the boy's lap. He had his head thrown back with one hand gripping the armrest and the other on my daughter's head. Erica still had on the outfit she'd worn to school that day, a denim skirt and a pink halter top, only her skirt was thrown up around her waist and her pink panties were on the floor.

My eyes ran over her incredible legs from her cute feet, her crossed ankles where the glint of the anklet I had given her caught the light, up her smooth legs to her bare ass. . . and there was her pussy looking at me.

My daughter's pussy, shiny with wetness and inner lips splayed open invitingly. I was rock hard and rubbing my bulge before I knew it. The boy moaned again and I realized why as I heard slurping and saw that my daughter had his cock in her mouth. She was bobbing up and down slowly, sensuously.

She let go of his cock with a wet slurp and said, 'Am I doing okay?' 'Oh god, fantastic,' the boy said enthusiastically without opening his eyes. If he had opened them, he would have seen me standing behind my daughter, because my feet had taken me into the room. I was in a daze, lost between fury and resentment, pain and desire.

I moved behind my daughter swiftly, trembling. She felt my weight settle on the cushions and then my hands grasp her hips. She let go of the boy's cock and lifted up on her hands to look behind her, but by then I was lining up. She felt my cock touch her pussy and said, 'Daddy!' in total shock.

. . . .