Loving Erica (Mf, teen, fat/dau, rom) PART TWO

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Loving Erica By SpectreOfHell Part 2 When I came out of the bathroom, all traces of my daughter's vaginal fluids washed from my guilty prick, my wife Helen was home and she was talking to Erica in the kitchen. I entered and they greeted me warmly, both of them. Erica was leaning against the counter, still barefoot, still in her denim skirt and pink halter top, and I couldn't read her expression.

I kept glancing at Erica, and she was staring at me with a strange expression. I saw a rivulet of wetness run down the inside of her leg, either her juices or mine. She felt it and swiped at it, then left the room, I assumed to go clean up. And Helen never suspected a thing.

Did she resent me now, or hate me, or did she want to do it again? I didn't know what to do. A week after the incident, when I thought my guilt would kill me, I went into the garage to get something and found Erica standing there talking to the boy. He took one look at me, screamed, and ran away shouting 'Please don't kill me!' He jumped in his car down by the curb and sped away while Erica laughed.

I asked, 'What was that about?' 'He came to break up with me,' Erica replied, watching me coolly. 'I told him the other day. . .

you know, Daddy. THAT day,' and she paused to watch my expression. My guilt surged up and she seemed to see it. Satisfied, she went on, 'I told him that if he ever told anybody about it that you'd kill him.

I said that you were an enf***er for a loan shark and that you'd killed before, so a silly little boy like him wouldn't bother you a bit. ' That floored me. 'What?' I asked. 'Why did you tell him something like that?' And Erica looked at me as if I was being stupid, which I was.

'Because, Daddy,' she said matter of factly, 'I didn't want him telling anyone that. . . ' and her voice dropped to a whisper as she hesitated, 'that you fucked me.

' And there it was, out in the open. I felt my face go red and Erica looked concerned. 'Daddy, it's okay,' she said. She stepped closer to me and reached up to put a comforting hand on my shoulder.

'Really, it's okay. ' I suddenly burst into tears, ashamed. 'I'm so sorry, Erica,' I choked out. 'I didn't plan to do that to you, I swear.

I saw you and I lost control and. . . ' 'Shh, Daddy,' she said, moving closer to put her arms around me.

She had to reach up to hug me, reminding me how much smaller than me she was, how young she was. 'Daddy, I'm not mad at you. It's okay. ' I cried even harder and wrapped my arms around her, squeezing her to my chest.

'I love you so much, Erica,' I said. 'I love you too, Daddy,' she replied in her melodic, soft voice. 'And I always will. ' She lifted her face to smile up at me, and I saw tears on her cheeks as well.

I brushed them away with my fingers and she laughed lightly, making me smile in return. 'Are we okay, then?' I asked. 'Of course, Daddy,' she said, hugging me again. 'Daddy?' she asked, 'Did I really make you lose control?' 'Yes,' I whispered.

Then she surprised me. 'I really made you lose control of yourself. Wow!' she said. 'I didn't know you thought about me like that.

. . . .