Maiden Fair (Mf, TG, cons, rom)

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Maiden Fair by SpectreOfHell When Wallace rang the bell of apartment 19G, he was alarmed to notice that his hand was shaking. He heard the patter of unshod feet running across the carpet, and the door opened before he had a chance to compose himself. June saw him and a smile exploded onto her young face.

'Wally,' she said brightly. Her voice was soft and deeply feminine for her age. 'Are you here to fix the sink?' 'Yeah, sure am,' he said, relieved. Still smiling, she stepped aside to let him in.

He tried to keep his eyes off her and on the floor, but he couldn't help noticing her anyway. A fifteen year old girl had no business looking like that, he decided. Slender legs in tan pantyhose stuck out from beneath a flared skirt that ended above the knees, while a sleeveless turtle-neck sweater clung to her torso displaying her ripening breasts as softball sized swellings.

She closed the door behind him, and the breeze of the door's passage wafted her perfume over him. Subtle, hints of flowers and musk mixed with the odor of fabric softener and dryer sheets. He jumped when she touched his arm. She laughed at his reaction, not meanly though.

There was nothing mean or cruel about this angel. Wallace felt his heart beating faster in his chest and reminded himself over and over of her age. It didn't matter that she was the prettiest female he'd ever known with her golden-brown hair filled with curls cascading over her slender shoulders, with her flared hips and her mesmerizing dark brown eyes.

'Are you okay?' she asked, genuinely concerned. 'I'm fine,' he said. 'You said it was the kitchen sink?' The smile, which had faltered, returned full f***e. She led him into the kitchen, swaying her hips subtly, not in a way that said she was doing it on purpose.

Just a natural rhythm that made her curvy little ass beg to be touched. 'I wasn't sure anyone would be home,' he said, glancing around. The apartment was, as usual, impeccably neat. 'Mom's gone,' she said, 'but I didn't feel like shopping so I stayed home.

' 'Oh,' he said, putting down his toolbag. He was alone with her? 'Maybe I should come back, then. When you'r mother's home, I mean. ' 'Why?' she asked.

'It's okay, Wally. She won't mind if we're alone together. ' He gulped. 'Yeah, but the neighbors might think something was going on,' he said.

She made a sound of disgust. 'Who cares what the neighbors think?' she asked. 'I sure don't. Besides, I'm fifteen.

I can make my own decisions about things like that. ' 'Okay,' he said, gaping at her. Quickly, he turned and began pulling out the tools he thought he would need. 'Besides,' she said with a giggle, 'in this state, fifteen is legal.

I haven't been jailbait since my birthday last month. ' Wallace's hands were trembling again. He dropped a wrench, and they both bent to pick it up at the same time. Her hand found it first and his closed over hers accidentally.

Their faces were inches apart, and she smiled warmly at him. He could feel her breath on his lips. 'I got it,' he said, only able to whisper. 'Okay,' she said, also whispering.

The wrench transferred from her hand to his with fingers brushing and briefly interlacing. He stood and turned, trembling even more. And, worse, he was getting a hard-on. 'Are you okay, Wally?' she asked.

. . . .