Maureen Swallows Granddad Ch. 02

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Maureen smiled around her grandfather's cock as she bobbed her head up and down the length of him. She lovingly caressed his balls with her hand as she inhaled him deep into her throat. She purposely made obscene slurping noises as she sucked him harder and harder hoping to coax another load of cum out of him.

She felt her grandfather stiffen, and in seconds he was erupting in her mouth. Maureen swallowed every last, tasty drop and gave her granddad one last suck for good luck! 'Oh God Maureen, you know how to make an old man feel young again. ' He told her as he fell back into one of the kitchen chairs.

'Granddad, what must you think of me?' She asked him. Maureen's granddad smiled at her and told her 'Maureen, I think you are the most wonderful granddaughter an old man like me could ever have! Between last night and this morning I've never felt younger. I don't want you to worry about a thing.

' Maureen smiled and crawled over to her grandfather and engulfed him in her mouth again. She wanted to get him hard again and feel his huge cock deep inside her. 'Maureen that feels so good. ' Her grandfather told her.

Maureen could feel him getting harder and knew that he would be hard enough to fuck soon. 'What the Fuck is going on here! Maureen you little bitch!' Maureen's mother had come home early. 'This is i****t! Dad what were you thinking??' Maureen released her grandfather out of her mouth with an obscene plop.

His proud cock waived in the air glistening with Maureen's saliva. He noticed that his daughter Nancy was staring at it. All three of them stared at each other for what seemed like 15 minutes. They were all too shocked to move or respond.

Maureen's grandfather was the first to speak. 'Nancy, there's nothing in this world that I can say to fix this. It's not right but Maureen has made me feel like a man again for the first time in years. ' 'It's not something I'm about to give up.

So either you join us or get the fuck out. ' 'Maureen!' he commanded. ' If you don't get those lips back on my cock now. You'll never get another taste of it.

She sloppily resumed worshiping his cock. Lovingly sliding her lips up and down his length and fondling his balls in the process. Nancy dropped to her knees out of shock and despair. She couldn't believe what she was seeing and hearing.

Her world had been turned upside down. Nancy started to cry, but was startled to feel Maureen's hands unbuttoning her blouse. Nancy didn't protest but just let it happen. Nancy started to speak but found her fathers cock pushing into her mouth instead.

Maureen had worked her self under her mother and was ready to taste another woman for the first time. She snaked her tongue out and gently tasted her mother. It was wonderful! Maureen started kissing and lapping at her mother with more gusto. Maureen really liked the taste and the sensation.

Maureen's grandfather had a problem though, Where to stick his now throbbing cock. They bothed looked so enticing! He decided to take his daughter. As Maureen and Nancy continued to hungrily lap at each other, Maureen's grandfather positioned himself behind Nancy and slid into his sopping daughter with one good thrust.

Nancy orgasmed immediately. She screamed in passion as her cunt was filled with all 9 inches of her father and her clit was being worked on by Maureen's eager tongue. Maureen slid out from under her mother so that she could watch. Nancy was bucking her hips back to meet each thrust.

. . . .