Meeting Walter, my black master

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We were both into weed, drinking and poppers, porn, and big dicks. I mentioned I had a special thing for black dicks, and he chuckled and said, 'Well, I have a friend you need to meet'. I went over, and in an hour or so, after we had gotten nice and mellow, and played around a little bit, there came a knock on the door.

He answered it, and in walked something out of one of my masturbation fantasies. Tall, dark and handsome. Very dark, very handsome. We were introduced, then Walter sat down and took out a few joints and a couple of bottles of Rush.

Our host poured him a glass of Scotch, his favorite drink. I had one, too. He told me to come over and sit on the couch next to him, and of course I jumped at the invitation. He told me to stand in front of him and turn around slowly, and he told me what a nice ass I had, and felt it up.

I sat down next to him, and our host put in a VHS porn tape (this WAS the early '80's) Of course, it was a gay flick, and it was about black guys and white sissies. They weren't trannies or CD's, but they were sissies. As the movie progressed, Walter started squeezing my thigh, and running his hand up and down my inner thigh.

It was obvious he wasn't here for the guy whose apartment it was, and I could sense a bit of jealousy on his part. Eventually Walter pulled me close to him, and whispered into my ear to unzip his jeans. I complied, and inside he had on nylon bikini briefs, and they clung tightly to his more than ample dickbulge.

He turned and looked me right in the eyes, and leaned forward to kiss me, after holding the yellow bottle of poppers under my nostrils. As our lips met, and my mouth opened slightly, my head started to swoon, and he slipped his tongue in. We both started tangling out tongues together and whispering little sexy words into each other's mouths, and the excitement and pure lust we were both experiencing just built, higher and higher.

He stood up, dropped his jeans, and made me kneel in front of him, as he pulled my head into his crotch. Having my lips touching that gorgeous package, with only a thin layer of nylon between us, made me moan loudly, and I shivered at the thought. He smelled so good, musky and manly, and I could imagine how he was going to taste.

I hadn't mentioned yet about my love of frilly, femmy things. I didn't know if I'd be able to, and risk disgusting him. I put that off for the next time, and slowly slipped his underwear down and started to make love to his man meat as well as I knew how. Much more to cum.

. . . .

. . . .

. . . .