Meg does sex

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Meg was very beautiful with a body men desired. She learned at a young age to use it to control men and get what she wanted. It started at twelve with her father. Her mom was cold and unloving although sexy, she did not make love with her hubby often at all.

He would lick her pussy and suck her clit. Then he started fingering her hole as he sucked her clit. Every night he would go naked to her room craving the sex of the young body. He loved sucking her tits and licking her pussy til he was so horny he needed to fuck.

Then he would fuck her sometimes three or more times a night. At sometime she started climaxing when he fondled her body. And he would feel her pulse against his cock as he fucked her tight pussy. He taught her to suck his cock and swallow his cum and even let him fuck her ass.

Soon Meg wanted more presents and she would get her daddy away from the mom and fuck him for the reward he would give her. Mom knew what was going on, but did not care as long as he left her body alone. Meg would take her father for a ride in the car and park and strip naked and suck his cock and let him fuck her as many times as he wanted.

Afterwards he would give her nice gifts. Her father had a lust for sex and wanted it all the time and meg loved the presents she got. Soon Meg was getting in the shower with him, and fucking him in their house constantly. She wore no bra and panties so he could feel her anytime she was near.

If mom ever saw, she pretended not to care. One day as daddy had fucked her for the fourth time in her bedroom, he told her, 'I think you and i shall move and get our own house. I need sex more and more and we need to be alone. I need to fuck you day and night.

' As Meg had started to like the sex, she agreed to move with her daddy. Two weeks later they had they own home. Meg slept in dad's bed every night. The first week end in their home, they stayed in bed for 24 hours and fucked every way they could.

Dad had his own business and worked from home so he had a lot of time during the day to ass fuck his daughter. He loved pushing his big cock in her tight ass and fucking it til they both came. Sometimes when he would be working at his desk, she would crawl under it and just suck his cock til he filled her mouth with his cum.

He then started working in the nude. She ran around the house topless and in a thong. Daddy would grab her and pull her on his lap and start sucking her tits til he got hard and then would fuck her as he sucked her huge nipples. Then after a few months, Meg realized she was with c***d.

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