mom and daughter

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Mom and Daughter It happened when I was f******n. No, I didn't have sex at that age. It was when I discovered my love for members of my own sex. Surprising as this may sound, it was my mom's fault.

Now, if one of my siblings had forgotten, it wouldn't have been such a surprise. But my mom?!? She was one of the ones who enf***ed this rule. And then it happened. I was in awe of her body.

I know, you're probably thinking, 'You've seen her body all your life, what was different about this time?' Well, this was the first time I saw her naked body. It’s a bit different. The exact curve of her breasts and ass. The complete lack of sagging anywhere.

The fact that she had already had three k**s, yet her body looked like she hadn't ever given birth. It was amazing. After spending some time staring, I silently closed the door as I left and ran to my room. From that moment on, I fell in love with women.

Now, I was scared to tell anyone. I was worried that it was wrong. Everyone at school always joked about gays and lesbians. So it was hard from that point on to feel totally included.

Now for the stranger part. I dreamed of finding someone exactly like my mom, in every fashion. I wanted someone with the same body, same attitude, same everything. I idolized my mom from that point on.

I still went out with guys on occasion, but nothing serious. I wanted them to think I was still straight, as I was worried about what they would think if they knew the truth. And the truth finally came out. It was yesterday that it happened.

It was mid-July, and it was the summer after my freshman year in college. It was a week before my 19th birthday. The twins, my younger s****r and b*****r, were with some friends at the pool. My dad was away on a small trip to New York.

It was just me and my mom. Now, we had grown closer over the years, going shopping together, going out to eat. And I was thankful for it all. It gave me more time to enjoy her body.

We were at a clothing store, and instead of making me wait outside the dressing room, my mom just had me join her. I was so nervous and excited at the same time that I sat on the bench the whole time. She took off her shirt, and I got my first peek at her 36C breasts in along time (I checked her drawer once for the size).

She was wearing a bra, but that didn't matter to me. She stood there for a second and looked at herself in the mirror. She even looked to me and asked if I thought she still looked beautiful. Of course I told her yes.

I even jokingly told her she could model if she wanted. She laughed and picked up the shirt she was trying on. It was a tight shirt, and that was very apparent when she put it on. I had a hard time not trying to rub myself in front of her.

. . . .