mom and son

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Chrismas Party-Fill in * Jim walked in the house and tossed his keys on the table by the door. 'Hey Mom, you home?' he yelled and went looking for her. He stopped by her door and heard something odd. It sounded like she was moaning and having sex.

'Oh man,' he moaned with disgust, starting to walk away, but he heard something else and went back. 'Yeah, that's it, baby! Fuck me with that big, beautiful cock! Fuck my pussy! Fuck it, fuck it, baby!' Mom groaned and Jim wanted to rush in and help, but he figured she would kill him and he just stood enjoying this.

After a few more minutes, she finished and passed out on her bed. Jim took a long shower, thinking about Mom. 'Damn, that shit was hot!' he thought and wanted jerk off, but he hated doing it by himself. He did have a very sexy girlfriend, Cindy, but today, dumped her.

He spent thousands on her and no pussy. A hand job did not substitute a good, long fuck and he needed more. He got out, dried, dressed and went to order Mom's favorite take-out. The food came an hour later and after setting the table, he went to wake Mom.

'Oh my God, she smells sooo fucking good!' he moaned and inhaled Mom's tantalizing odor, deep into his lungs and his cock grew. He walked around her bed and Jim smiled. She was curled into a ball and Mom was sl**ping like a baby. 'Hey Mom, dinner is ready and waiting.

Mom had a long, thin face and you could easily tell that she had a Nordic bl**dline. He looked over Mom's tiny ass and the little, blue panties on it. He guessed her to be only a size four and that could be pushing it. She worked out four or five times a week and Mom was in great shape.

'I got Ricco's for you. I know how much you love their lasagna and I need to ask you a favor. ' Jim said as his eyes stayed fixed to Mom's slender body and her subtle curves. 'God, you are so fucking hot!' Jim thought as he lifted his eyes to Mom's and she was smiling at him.

Looking at your mother's ass and who knows what else,' she said and felt her pale face, turning a warm shade of pink and her nipples growing. 'I thought you'd get over your 'Mommy crush' years ago, but at twenty, you still have it. ' Allison smiled at him and she didn't care if her son looked at her or not.

'What's the favor?' Allison asked, but she already knew what it was and her brain went into negotiation mode. 'I'll always have a thing for you, Mom and I mean that,' he paused and lifted a strand of hair from Mom's left eye. 'Cindy backed out on my office party and if I don't take a date. .

. I'm going to look like a loser and a homo. ' Jim said as he looked to her and hoped Mom would go and save him. 'I'll do anything you want, please!' he begged Mom and she just sat, giving him a blank look and not moving a single muscle.

. . . .