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EAGERTO The Ladies Loo was outside, around the back. As i said, I'd waited til they all went home then got in and found the tin where she kept her dirty rags. I'd busted the hopeless little padlock to get in and they never bothered to replace it so I had no trouble sneaking in whenever I liked and jerking off great wads of spunk into her dirty pads.

They were fantastic -- I would take off my pants and lie back on the toilet seat with a wet cuntrag pressed up between my legs and hold a sometimes fresh one up to my face and breathe in the dark rich bl**d smell straight from Mrs Mac's snatch My young cock would be sticking up in the air as stiff and hard as a baseball bat -- and nearly as big! And the cum would cum screaming from my balls up over my belly -- or into her bl**dy rag -- or on to the seat where I imagined their cunts had been.

It went everywhere. . . I'd watched her go to the staff wardrobe and get the little brown paper bag and go on out to the Ladies, and knew she had her period again.

There would be fresh pickin's for me tonight! It was hard waiting - really hard . . . but eventually.

. . Mmm, there were two absolutely bl**d-soaked rags there! The smell was fantastic and i swear one was still warm -- I say rags because that's what they were -- torn-up pieces of sheet folded over into a pad -and pushed up against that hairy slit --that I'd never even seen but dreamt about day and night.

And still do. I was in full flight when MrsMac shoved the door open and walked in. I had her period rag pressed against my nose and my hand around my cock, pumping hard, and swollen with spunk, just ready to shoot -- and there she was, staring at me. I nearly died.

My cock did. It just dropped, and I started to get up, trying to cover my cock and hide the rag stuttering something -- I don't know what! 'Sit down,' she said. 'Just stay there! Give me that!' She took the rag and threw into the tin. Then she looked at me.

Her eyes travelled from my face down over my naked belly and stopped at my cock. i had my hands over it trying to hide myself. 'Mrs Mac,' I said. 'I'm sorry .

. I'll never. . 'Shut up,' she said.

'Just do everything I say, and no one will be any the wiser. Sit back! Show me this' And she pulled my hands away and stared at my slack prick. 'I'm going to show you what to do with that. ' she said.

Her pants were big and tight with a suspenders coming out from the banded legs holding up her nylon stockings. The flesh between her stockings and the leg of her pants was white and soft. Her legs were slightly apart and there was a beautifuj curvy bulge between her thighs. .

. She came up close to me with her skirt pulled right up high, and sort of pushed herself at me . . 'You like that smell do you?' She said.

'Well here you are, here it is. You want to smell my snatch . . c'mon on then! 'Smell it, baby.

Come on!' I had turned my face to her as I sat on the toilet and she pulled me into her , in between her thighs. Her legs were open and she was pushing her crutch against my face. She must have dropped her skirt because she had one hand pulling my head into her and with the other she had reached down and taken my cock and was stroking it.

. . . .

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