My Aunt Jeannette

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Last weekend the f****y got together three day trip. We usually go to a beach or a park, but this time we decided to go hiking. After we arrived at the cabin my 71 year old aunt Jeanette decided it would be best for her to stay behind and not try to hike the trail. She's is 5ft 2ins tall.

The hike is an overnight trip so everyone else grabbed their sl**ping bags and backpacks and were on their way. About 2 hours after they were gone, Jeanette asked me to play some cards. She bragged about how good she was in poker back in her day, said she used to clean out the house etc. .

. . So. .

We played a few hands and I let her beat me. She was feeling pretty confident about her game. Told me I play like a chump. Jeanette said 'if I had some money I'd really show you how the game is played'.

I said, 'well let's play for our clothes. No one is here and they won't be back until tomorrow'. She hesitated for a minute and looked me up and down. Then she asked if I had anything hard to drink.

I gave her a shot of rum and delt the cards. First hand she won, so I took off my shoes. I lost the next two hands and was in my pants and tee shirt. We played again and Jeanette lost.

She lost the next four hands and was in her slip. I said the winner gets to remove the losers clothing for the last rounds. She said ok and dealt the cards. I purposely lost so she would have to take off my pants.

My dick was so hard. Jeanette unsnapped the button and pulled down my zipper. I felt like I wanted to piss on myself. I dealt and lost again so she had to take off my tee shirt.

Now I was just in my underwear. Jeannette had on her bra and panties underneath the slip. Jeanette delt the cards. She lost! She told me to take off her panties.

She laid back on the couch and raised up her ass. I slowly pulled her paintes, revealing her hairy pussy. She quickly put her legs down and tride to pull her slip down past her knees. I delt the cards and Jeannette lost again.

This time she stood up to allow me to pull the slip over her head and so I did. Man! She had some nice wide ass hips!! This was the final hand. Jeanette said, If I lose, I'll suck your dick. If I win, you have to lick my ass.

(I'm saying to myself, either way I'm good!) So she shuffle's the cards and deals. I win the last hand. I sit back in the chair and Jeanette drops down to her knees. She get's between my legs and pulls down my underwear.

She looks me in the eye and says, 'you better not tell a sole'. She opens her mouth and starts slobbing and slurping and sucking and groaning like she's down this many times. Jeannette took her hand and jerked my dick up and down and put my dick in her mouth and slurped it some more. .

. . . I had my eyes clothes and grabbed the back of head while she sucked my dick.

I looked at Jeanette and pulled her head off my dick. I told her to lay down on her back. She opened up her legs and we started fucking on the floor. I was 40 at the time fucking my 71 year old Aunt.

. . . .