My brown beginning part 10

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I could barely sl**p that nite and 5 AM arrived quickly. We all got up and prepared for the days festivities. Mom and Gram were getting the last of the quilting tables set up and gathering the supplies and material. Mom had biscuts and gravy and egg casarole already cooking in the oven and coffee made.

Knock knock. . . anyone home? Mrs Stevens queried and stuck her head into the back door.

Oh I know but thought you might still be getting dressed or something didnt want to catch this young one with his pants down. She teased me and pinched my cheek. Mrs Stevens was wearing a summer dress and sandals she was about 5 ft 6 and 185 lbs. Nice sized boobs and a big caboose.

I dreamt of having my face tucked between those cheeks many a time. And since I found brown streaks in her pantys that time every single pair. I knew her asshole would taste wonderfull. Her pussy sure smelled good at least on her pantys it did.

Mom told her I was in trouble today and thats probably why. Mrs Stevens said Uh oh trouble at school Donny? i said well no something else. Grandma broke in he thought he would play plumber last nite and broke our toilet messing around with the tank parts and lost a few,now our pots broke and its saturday no Plumbers open till Monday unless your a banker and loaded with money.

Oh well boys will be boys she winked at me. . So if your toilets broken how are you managing?Mrs stevens asked?. Oh we have a hospital commode were using and since Donny broke the real one he keeps it clean for his punishment.

I see and Mrs stevens winked at me again. Well I guess we could all just go to my house if the need arises. Mom said no he wont learn his lesson that way and she gave me a quick wink as well. I suppose Mrs Stevens said your right.

Grandma was first to get up and go into the bedroom and shut the door so she could pee. She came out and said Donny it needs emptying. OK grams In a minute. Mrs Stevens asked where are you emptying that? Oh that old sink hole out back I will fill it with dirt later so it wont smell.

Yes Thats a good idea Mrs Stevens said. He seems to take it well he certainly is a good little guy. Yes Most of the time he is said Mom. Can be a rascal sometimes though.

Sure enough she had Mom show her where the commode was and she shut the door for privacy. 2 Min. later she came out and patted my head as she went back to the girls and the sewing Mom said Donny dont forget to refresh the pot. OK MOM I will.

I looked out the doorway to make sure i wasnt seen and tipped the bucket up and drank Mrs. Stevens pee all down even swallowing the toilet paper. My juvenile cock sprung up and I was stroking it through my pants. God her piss tasted good the best I ever had so far.

I finished cleaning the pot up and went back to the TV The women were still chatting away not paying me any mind. . . .