My brown beginning part 11

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About 10 Am grandma went to use the facilities again. I knew she was having a poop because she was in there about 10 minutes. Its all yours Donny she said as she walked by to join the others. OK Gram.

A few moments later I went in and inspected the bucket sure enough 3 nice logs and yellow pee were awaiting my clean up. I opened a plastic sack and dumped the bucket in,Then I sealed it for disposal and cleaned up the pail again and replaced it under the commode. Grandma,s bowel odor drifted out and Mrs Stevens seemed to notice first.

Excuse me she said to Mom and grandma. I think Im a bit gassy this morn. Oh I didnt hear anything Mom said. Yes but I can kind of smell something Mrs Stevens replied.

I thought it was me. Oh grandma explained i just used the pot Im sorry some of the odor must have come out of the bedroom. Oh thats OK Em I thought Id had a accident Im needing the bathroom pretty soon didnt get a chance at home this morn. I will just run home and be back in a little bit.

Nonsense Mrs Stevens your perfectly welcome to use our makeshift pot no need to go all the way home. But wont Donny have to clean up the you know. . mess? Well that will teach him not to fiddle with the toilet again wont it? and besides I dont really think he minds all that much.

I suppose she replied. is now OK to use it? Donny is the pot clean? Yea Mom all clean. . .

. There. . .

Mrs Stevens got up and walked to the bedroom/bathroom and closed the door. I timed her and she was a good 15 minutes in there. She looked at me and smiled as she went by to resume her sewing with Mom and Gram. I didnt have to be told and went in right after she emerged.

I inhaled hard and sucked in her shit fumes which were quite strong. My cock was rock hard as I removed the pail from the commode. I looked to see if anyone could see me and the coast was clear. I could hear the women chatting in the other room.

I was using my tongue to mash the shit into my roof of my mouth. and taste its wonderful essence. Suddenly I heard Mrs stevens say I need to blow my nose as she walked in on me to get a tissue. Mom and Grandma werent able to stop her before she walked in and caught me with a mouthfull of her poop.

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