My brown beginning part 6

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I put the chairs back and cleaned up the floor of the pee puddle which missed my mouth. Grandma shot a couple toots from some air freshener to clear the air a bit. In no time everything was back to normal and we all jumped in the shower for a quick clean off,My hair was a mess but I soon had it washed and rinsed off.

We had to be quick cuz our little old water heater barely lasted for more than 10 minutes before it ran cold. (the good old days Ha!)It was just aproaching 4 oclock so Mom suggested we dress and head out to the book and novelty store to do that shopping for some toys. When we arrived I was disapointed as the sign on the door said No one under 21 allowed ID required.

Looks like you will have to wait outside in the car mom told me. Is there anything you want Grama and me to get for you? I thought for a couple minutes I cant really think of anything but if they have a catalog pick one up and I will brouse through it. With that Mom and grandma went inside on theyre toy quest.

About a half hour later they came out with a variety of dildoes and vibrators and a inflatable butt plug,and a strap on harness with several sizes of fake cocks. Grandma got in the car and exclaimed Good Lord I had no Idea so many toys were made these days. We were like k**s in a candy store and laughed.

They didnt have any catalogs Donny but we have a good supply here so I dont think we will be dissapointed plenty of toys of all kinds,That clerk must have thought what a couple of horn dogs these old broads are. Grandma chimed in and he,s right thanks to Donnys curiosity the other nite,You have re newed our love of sex my boy.

I thought after your gramps died I was resigned to my finger once in a blue moon. Things will sure be nice from now on. Amen replied Mom. We stopped at a fine restaurant and had a big supper on the way home.

All of us stuffed ourselves with big steaks,salad,soup desert,the works. When we finally got back into our house we all collapsed into the sofa. Oh I ate too much,me too we all said at once. Im not sure but all of us then fell asl**p for awhile sated by our big meal and a full day of sex.

It was dark when Mom roused me from my slumber and suggested we all hit the bed sl**ping on the sofa would be killer to our backs and necks if we stayed on it all nite. Mom had a king sized bed so, mom gram,and me all shed our clothes and climbed in. I slept between them cuddling up to grandmas back and mom cuddling up to mine.

About 7 nature was calling I needed to pee real bad Mom was laying about half awake Gram was sitting up reading in bed. I climbed over mom and she asked where i was going. I need to pee Mom. Arent you going to see if Gram and me would be interested in a little golden fun this morning.

Doink! my pee boner was starting to get harder. Heck yes grandma exclaimed I been holding my water waiting for you sl**pyheads to wake. We all ajourned to the bathroom Mom started the bathtub water and warmed the bottom of the tub up. Ok whos first? Who,s first for going or drinking Grandma asked.

. . . .