My brown beginning part 8

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After I had finished cumming Grandma and mom snowballed my cumm between theyre mouths. Gawd donny you have the sweetest cream ever. I could use some of your cream too ladies. i said and smiled.

I though you would never ask Mom said and sat squarely on my face. i licked and sucked her pussy for about 5 mins. she then climbed off and grandma took her place. I also ate her cunt cream and licked her still dirty asshole clean.

After about 5 minutes grandma dismounted and we sat together me between the both of them. Were no spring chickens Donny we dont want to cumm again so soon it kinda drains us for awhile we need longer to recover than you do. Dont worry though your going to get plenty of pussy and ass youll probably tire of us and then look for some young chicky with a hard body and big titties.

Oh you would be surprised what women might be capable of donny most of us are open minded. just need the right nudge sometimes. Yea but for now I like You and Mom best and I like older women better anyway. thats because you have never been with a young woman yet Mom said.

Your tastes might change as time goes by. yea i suppose so maybe. But since were talking about things I was wondering something. Mom asked what Donny? were you wondering about.

Well I never told ya this but one time when Mrs stevens was over here for coffee with you guys. I snuck over her house next door and found her clothes hamper and smelled her dirty undies. Donny! Mrs. .

Stevens is my best friend its a good thing you didnt get caught. Well shes about your age or older isnt she?. . More like abot 10 years older Mom said why? That proves it I have a thing for older women and theyre potty habits.

I understand the older women thing how do you explain the potty habits thing? Well Mom I really got off on smelling the pee and poop smell in her panties as well. I see but you know that was wrong dont be spying on Mrs. Stevens again if she caught you our friendship might be in trouble. .

Anyway do you think she would want to join us for some fun? Donny I dont know but we have to keep this a secret between just us three we could get into lots of trouble if people knew what we were up to. Why Mom i asked. Well its actually against the law to do sexual things with your relatives its called i****t.

And the law forbids it thats why. . . I dont understand that Mom why is it aginst the law? because for one reason bl**d relatives shouldnt have c***dren together it can cause birth defects and mental issues as well,Thats the main reason I believe.

. . Grandma also said she thinks thats the main reason. Oh I didnt know I said.

Well too bad there is not a way to get Her involved. I will try to think of something Mom said. . what exactly is your interest in Mrs Stevens Donny? Be truthfull.

OK Ive got a idea. She is in our quilting circle lets have her over for a marathon quilting session early saturday Morn. I will fix us breakfast ,lunch and supper and we will quilt and chat all day. Shes so lonely anyway she wont mind spending all day with us.

She is bound to have to potty sometime during the day. Of course said grams but she will flush the pot how can we save it for Donny?Let me think Mom said. . .

. . . .