My brown beginning part two

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The doors to the bedrooms will never be closed,The bathroom door will remain open at all times,except when we have guests of course. None of what goes on here can ever be told to anyone,and clothing will be worn minimally. Do you agree with these things Donny? I was surprised and excited at the same time.

Yes mom I agree very much. Ok then starting now the new rules are in effect. Seconds later grandma walked in dressed in a see through negligee and no pantys. Her boobs were pretty saggy and touched her slight paunch,She had big brown nipples and very sparse pubic hair which was mostly grey.

Grams said your mom and you are over dressed lets get with the program. Mom went into her room to get more comfortable atire and I went into my bedroomand stripped out of my PJ,s down to my briefs. Mom put on a see through teddy and a pair of skimpy panties,her pussy hair sticking out of each side obscenely.

We all met back in the dining room and grams sat facing me. Her pussy and boobs clearly visable. She told me I was overdressed but would fix it for me. She put her hand in my briefs fly and poked my cock out of the opening so it was exposed now.

There thats better she giggled. Gram started out telling me from now on call her Em as grandma was just too stuffy. Her name was Emily. Ok I will from now on grandma.

I mean Em we laughed. Mom just said you can keep calling me Mom I dont mind. Em began so Donny your Mom tells me your curious about sex and things. She tells me you have a craving for watching us ladies use the pot and such is that right? Yes Em I blushed crimson red.

Well no not peeking just sniffing mainly your and moms panties and when you come out of the bathroom. I guess that really doesnt hurt anything so if you want to see and smell more Im game she added,How about you daughter? she asked my Mom. I already told Donny last night that we would help out any way he wanted with his fantasies so I guess I am game too.

Em then added Donny If we indulge you in this way you will in turn indulge your Mom and me in any way we require as well do you understand? Sure gram I mean Em. And also if were doing something you ask for it will be done to completion no backing out once we start even if you find it distastefull understood.

Yes Em I replied. Your in luck now Donny all that coffee has me needing a pee are you interested?Em asked. Sure I said my cock getting harder by the second. With that I and Mom followed grams to the bathroom.

She sat on the toilet and spread her legs. Come here and get your head between my legs this way you will get the full effect. I got down on my knees and my face was a mere inch from grams pussy It had a pissy aroma much like her pantys did. I was in heaven.

She said its ok to lick me while I pee if you want Donny so I said sure I thought about that before and wanted to. She smiled and ran her fingers through my hair a few small spurts of pee started flowing and then a full stream. The hot steaming fumes invading my nose and I stuck my tongue in the stream and swallowed,her piss was salty and bitter but I loved it and swallowed several mouthfulls.

. . . .