My First Female

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Introduction: Purely fictional fantasy. It got me hot writing it. I hope it does the same for you reading it. At 25, I had never had a conscious sexual attraction for another woman.

I had met my husband, Tom during my sophomore year in college, and ours had been a satisfying sexual life. We had sex every night we were together for the first year of our relationship, and had gradually tapered down to four to five nights per week now. Sex was still the usual end to the evening, although lifes pressures frequently left one of us out of the mood.

It was more often he that wasnt in the mood than I. I loved the feeling of his ample cock filling my cavity, and although I was more than normally sexually active from age 14 until we met when I was 19, I had wanted no one else since we started to date. Tom was a great lover, and each lovemaking session seemed to differ from the others enough that sex kept its intrigue.

Sometimes we began with me reaching for his cock as we watched a movie, and stroking it until it became hard, then kneeling between his legs and teasing the plump head with my lips as my tongue licked the precum from his hole. Occasionally, I would suck on his cock until he exploded into my mouth, and continue, swallowing everything, but usually, we saved the cumshot for deep within my belly.

I wanted the feeling of his cock pounding against my pleasure passage as I felt the hot semen splash against the walls of my convulsing pussy. Also, after he shot his first load, his interest tended to wane, and although he was always ready to please me however I wished, I could tell when his enthusiasm subsided a bit, and that took some of the edge off of it for me.

He could always cum at least twice, so if I blew him to orgasm, I generally saved that for the second coming. I liked tasting my juices on his cock, too, and that usually got me hot enough to see if I could coax a third erection and orgasm out of him. Except on rare occasions, I could, and that fucking was always long and satisfying.

But this part of the narrative is not about my relationship with my husband. More about him in a later chapter. I am a nurse, and my older sister lives about 1900 miles from me in Phoenix. She was in a bad automobile accident, and needed someone to care for her, so I readily volunteered.

I had a great deal of vacation time accumulated, and offered to go stay with her for about a month while she recuperated. Although Carolyn is twelve years older than I, we have always been very close, since she lived with my mother until she was almost 30. However, I hadnt seen her in several years, and was eager to spend some time with her.

Carolyn had a daughter, now 16, that I hadnt seen since she was little. Carolyn was trying now to make up for her rather unconventional mothering during Katies early years, and Katie was a handful now. Although she was smart as a whip, and made grades at the top of her class, she seemed uncontrollable, and really did what she wanted.

Katie picked me up at the airport, and I could tell right away why Carolyn was so concerned about her. She was about 59 tall, athletically thin, with perfectly formed 34C breasts and slim hips that resolved into a firm protruding butt. Her bright blond hair framed a face as pretty as anyone could wish for.

. . . .