My first glimpse of lesbian mom

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I have never been someone who falls asl**p quickly or effortlessly. My mind tends to run wind in an aimless, puroposeless, free-for-all. Nothing is sought and nothing is resolved. It has always been that way, as far back as I can remember.

I am still just in my late teens, so it's not that far back that I must remember - and it was certainly still the case a few short years ago. All of that is simply a roundabout way of telling you why I'd be out of bed at 11:30 on a school night. I live at home with my older s****r, Sara, and my mom, Janice.

Her friends became more prominent around our house and things always seemed to be pretty quiet and uneventful. My mom's best friend was Margaret, a forty-something brunette who taught English at a local high school. She was the most regular of my mom's visitors and was visiting on that Wednesday night that reshaped my world.

It was almost midnight and I had gone up to bed a few hours earlier, but was unable to sl**p. My s****r, Sara, was 18 and out for the night. My mom was cool like that. She let Sara and I have a lot more freedom than some of the other k**s we knew.

Halfway down the stairs I started hearing my mom's voice mixed with Margie's coming from the basement. They weren't talking or laughing. I remember catching my breath as I realized what I was hearing. My mom was moaning, breathless.

My eyes immediately found the door to the basement. The light was on downstairs and the door was slightly ajar. I crept past the little dining room table, towards our kitchen counter. I stopped at the counter, peeked through the doorway and caught my breath.

She was thrusting her stomach forward but I couldn't see what else was there. I could hear mom though and knew that she was involved, and knew this was something I wasn't supposed to see. At that moment, Margie glanced up and caught sight of me beyond the door. I froze.

She continued thrusting and slowly brought her right hand to her breast and started massaging, pulling her own nipple. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and found myself unable to move. Perhaps emboldened by my inability to move, she smiled at me and continued massaging her own breast as though teasing me.

She raised her hand brought it down her, making a smacking sound. I saw her lean forward and say something inaudible to my mother. Moments later, my mom's head appeared above the back of the couch. She was totally naked.

Her breasts spilled over the back and Margie moved in behind her. It was only then that I realized Margie was wearing a strap-on dildo. She quickly pushed it into my mother and resumed the motion that I recognized from moments before. She looked up at me again and smacked my mom's ass.

I finally gathered myself enough to move and immediately dashed up to bed, completely forgetting my milk. Needless to say, I couldn't sl**p. That was just the start of a path that has led to where I am today. It was the most shocking, yet most unforgettable and amazing thing I had ever seen.

. . . .