My homegirl’s man.

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I recently met this chic that moved around the bend from me. She finally got me to come over one night and kick back with her. Her man was supposed to kick it as well, but he remained asl**p in the bedroom for a good two hours as we chilled, partied, and I gave her websites that safely played porn so her computer would stay safe and not get a virus.

But, the fact that she was holding a fine man as him in her marital possession really had my mind blown. 'Were looking at porno's honey', she explained and I let him know why. He is aware that I am a gay male, but any dude that has yet to be introduced might be a bit weary of ANY guy looking at porn with his wife when he is not there to oversee the whole scenario.

'Why are you leaving,' her husband, who we will call Mr. W, asked and he grabbed my wrist, pulling me into the kitchen area. Before I could ask what he was up to, he had his raging hard cock pressed against my thigh and trned me around, my backside now feeling his stiff rod and him whispering how badly he wanted to fuck me in my ears as he licked and kissed the back of my neck.

I sat in the laundry room about 2 minutes before he cam e and got me. We went back into the living room and my riend was gone. He stated that he had her take what she thought was an aspirin PM, but it was really a oxycotton. Commando is sexxxy at certain times.

I could smell the salty sweat of his balls and as he grabbed his thick mea in his hand and squeezed I slrped up every bit of warm prejizz he pushed out. MMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!! After a good half hour of facefucking my moist mouth, taking a moment or two to smack my lips with his hammer and squeeze more manjizz onto my tounge, he ripped my wifebeater off and demanded I strip for him and put focus on my ass.

I slowly took off the remaining garments of clothing I wore until I was buck naked with the exception of my socks. He too was wearing only his socks and fully erect. He slammed into my tight lil' pink asshole over and over again. Doggystyle to sideways.

Missionary to bouncing me. He ran deep up in me for hours. Finally, as I lay on the coffee table, my ass hanging off the edge, he announced he was going to blow his load. 'Where you want it, baby,' he asked.

' Come here you lil' whore and get this cum,' he instructed. I kneeled on my knees and opened my mouth as he exploded his MEGALOAD all over my nipples, throat, face and mouth. 'AaaaaagggggghhhhhhhAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhh!!!!!' He moaned so loud andlong I was afraid my homegirl would wake up, but after his splunk, so warm and gooey, hit my bodily parts, I ceased to care.

He stood hoovering over me as I sucked his manliness clean and tasted as much of his salty manstew as I could savor. When he was nice and clean he bent over and kissed me. ' You know,' he said,' I am going to have to get some more of that sweet lil' snatch of yours soon, okay?' I agreed and as I got dressed he went on to write his cell number down and when to call so my friend, his wife, would be none the wiser about us.

. . . .