My Little Avatar

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As I chatted with a young lady on the web my thoughts wondered to her avatar. It was a cute wide eyed blonde cartoon character dressed in a plaid mini, striped thigh highs, buckle up boots, white top and a fur trimmed hoody. Her little outfit was accented with a wide black belt and cuffs lined with silver studs, so innocent yet so very seductive.

As we chatted I found her to be very interesting. She briefly described her body to me. She sounded petite like her avatar. After she had to leave, this story came to mind.

We arranged to meet at a restaurant. I asked how I would be able to recognize you. You replied you will know when you see me. We decided to meet at 8:00 PM.

I got off work and hurried to get ready. I was going crazy, I had never done anything like this before. What would she think, would she even show up. I sat at the restaurant in anticipation.

My heart was pounding in my chest. I looked at my watch, it was 8:45. I have been stood up I thought. I got up to leave and I saw you walk through the door.

You were right, the moment I saw you I instantly knew that it was you. I motioned you over and greeted you with a smile. We introduced ourselves and sat down. I felt a stirring in my pants.

You were dressed exactly like your avatar. Your white top was buttoned up just below your breast revealing that you were not wearing a bra. Your nipples were visible through the thin material. You leaned into me and whispered that you weren’t wearing any panties.

I looked down your blouse and saw that your nipples were erect and begging for attention. You looked into my eyes and ran your hand up the inside of my thigh lightly touching the tip of my now hard throbbing cock. You smiled and said lets get out of here, knowing that I was going to have to walk past everyone with a raging hard on.

I was embarrassed yet very invigorated. We stepped out into the cool night air and you reached up and lightly kiss me on the cheek. I reached down under your short little skirt and grabbed your firm bare ass cheeks and pulled you into me. My cock pressed up against your stomach.

You looked at me and said oh my is that what I think it is. I smiled and said you will see. We kissed a long lusty kiss and you looked into my eyes and said what now. I took you down the street and into a parking garage.

I sat you on the hood of a car. It has just been parked and the metal was still warm. I pressed your legs apart with my large hands and got my first look and your beautiful little pussy. You had just a small strips of soft hair above your tiny little hood, your lips were smooth and swollen.

I could see how wet you were and slid my fingers through your tight little slit and brushed across your clit. You jumped and let out a loud gasp. I pulled you closer and teased your moist swollen lips with the tip of my tongue. I could smell your sweet sex.

You cupped your hand over your mouth and tried to suppress your moans. I slid my tongue deep into your hot little tunnel and savored your womanly taste. . .