My Mother Naked

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Although I enjoyed school I longed for the finish bell to ring so I could scuttle of home to my room. I lived alone with my mother my father having left her when I was 5 years old. I loved my mum she was always there for me if I needed anything, I never thought of her in a sexual way and although she had a curvacious body with large breasts she normally dressed in a manner that covered every curve.

Things started to change when I turned 13, as a computer geek I had spent more and more time staring at a screen and less time noticing what was happening around me. Mum had bought a new laptop so I was given her old machine to 'help with my studies'. As I 'cleaned' the disc on her computer I was struck by a large picture file in the recycle bin that she hadn't emptied, I had no reservation about opening the file expecting dull pictures of trees and hills taken by my lovely but boring mother.

Was this really a picture my mother had saved. Curiosity f***ed me to delve further into the file and as I opened each picture more and more porn jumped out at me. I'm not gay and never found cocks exciting but my own cock was starting to rise in my shorts, what was exciting me was the realisation that my dull mother liked looking at porn.

As I progressed further into the file pictures of naked women started to appear, not the typical porn star women, but mature real women each in various states of undress, close shots of vaginas both hair covered and shaved, big and small breasts showing nipples of all sizes. My breathing by now was fast and I was aware of my cock straining in my shorts, I tugged my shorts down to free my cock and started to run my finger over the tip.

I wanted to see more so I continued to open each file in turn and found myself rubbing my cock faster as each naked woman appeared on the screen. Not long into my browsing I came across a sub file and opened that with anticipation only to be floored by the first image that filled the screen. There in front of me was my mother standing naked smiling and cupping her large left breast in her hand, her arm hid the areole and nipple of her right breast and her other hand hid her vagina from full view.

I was stunned, my cock softened imediately and I closed the picture straight away as if she had caught me looking at it. I tried to understand what I had just seen, could it be a woman that looks like my mum or was it really her, I opened the second picture and staring out at me was my mother standing tall arms by her side with her breasts and hair covered mound in full view, I knew now that it was her although I never imagined her looking like that I never thought she had such a fantastic body.

I stared at her breasts and zoomed in to see her nipples close up, they were dark red hard and large and as I scrolled down past her rounded tummy I found myself staring at her plump mound. As her legs were slightly apart I could just see the outline of her pussy lips protruding from the whispy dark hair.

My cock was up and extremely hard by now as I closed the picture and rushed to open the next one, there was my mum sitting on her bed legs apart pulling her pussy lips open, I fumbled with the keyboard to zoom in on this treasure all the while rubbing my cock frantically. There filling the screen was my mothers pussy gaping wide open a lip between thumb and finger on each hand pulling them wide to expose her clitoris.

. . . .