My Mother Naked(2)

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I loved her so much and I loved how the day had turnrd out. Finding naked pictures of mum on her computer had opened up a whole new world for me. Mum was still asl**p beside me as I cuddled up to her back with my hand cupping her ample breast, my cock was rising again as I thought about last night and mums mouth on my cock, I recalled how nice her pussy looked and felt and I involuntarily pushed my cock hard againt her arse, I pulled back quickly not wanting to wake her fearing she would regret what had happened and make it all end.

I drifted back into a light sl**p dreaming about her and what I wanted to happen. I woke with a start as she closed the bedroom door leaving me alone in her bed, I noticed that her robe was missing from the hook on the door so I knew she hadn't got dressed yet. I decided to stay in bed knowing she would come back in to get dressed if for nothing else.

I was nervous dreading her telling me it had been a bad mistake and would never happen again, I thought about how I would react what I could say to change her mind but nothing seemed to sound right. I resigned myself to the fact that my first time with my mother was also the last. I leaned over her side of the bed and could smell her perfume of her pillow, I reached down and picked up her pink panties and bra not sure in my mind why I had done that.

As I examined her bra I noticed the size tag reading 36DD this meant nothing to me as I had nothing to compare that with but it smelt nice and I imagined her nipples pressing against the soft material, I next looked at her small panties trying to figure out front from back but noticing light staining on extra lining in the centre, as I lifted them to my face I could smell her scent clearly the same scent I smelt on my fingers last night.

I heard footsteps in the coridor and quickly hid her underwear under the sheet beside me. Mum opened the door carrying a tray with tea and toast and walked slowly over to her bed, I saw a new look on her face a look that told me a lecture was coming my way. Mum placed my cup and toast on the locker beside the bed and put down the tray down by her feet, turning to me she pulled her robe tighter round her breasts and held her hand there as if protecting them.

She told me that we needed to talk and that I should listen to her first without interuption until she had finished. I nodded agreement and dreading what I was about to hear sat attentive in her bed feeling her bra and panties against my leg. She started to explain that what happened last night was her fault and that she was weak and it should never have happened.

She apologised for the pictures on her laptop saying she was careless for leaving them on the disc, and that I should never have had to see these pictures at my age. She went on to explain that she was lonely and had needs like other women but that she should keep these needs private and in her bedroom.

She started to cry as she apologised for me seeing her naked and for her forcing me to be naked with her in her bed. I started to protest but she gently stroked my face and told me to listen to her. As she continued to apologise she promised that I wouldn't have to do anything like that again and that she would be more private with her things from then on, and if I would forgive her she promised she would be a model mother to me from then on in.

. . . .