My s****r and Me Part 2 Conclusion

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I woke up to half light in the room from the dawn. I could feel my s****r lying in my arms. I was half turned towards her with my arm under her neck. She had her left arm over my stomach holding me by the waist while she slept.

I didn’t wear any shirt to sl**p and I could feel her bare nipples rubbing against me. They were hard and warm and I enjoyed feeling them rubbing me. She had apparently pulled her teddy up above her breasts to expose her nipples while I slept. I turned further to face her more.

I pushed the covers down to expose her body. The room was half lit but I could see her perfectly. She looked so beautiful there sl**ping next to me. She took after my mother’s side of the f****y where there are a lot of fair skin blonds.

Her blond hair was light and shone even in the dark room. I couldn’t see her hazel eyes but I knew that under those closed lids where the prettiest hazel eyes in the world. In contrast I took after my dad’s side of the f****y. I had Latin olive skin with dark brown hair and brown eyes.

A light bronze tan showed for the world to see on my s****r’s body. But for me her nakedness afforded a look at her milky white skin on her chest and belly that the rest of the world could not see. Her small breasts stood firm with large nipples that were clearly hard either from the cold or from arousal.

She had light pink nipples that stood pointing almost towards her face. I gently ran my hand down her chest over her breasts and down her belly. She wasn’t wearing her panties. Bad girl, she must have taken them off in the middle of the night.

I could see her pink lips protruding from between her mounds. I ran my hand gently over her pussy. It was so hot and smooth my passion began to grow and in a second my cock was rock hard under my shorts. I watched as I gently ran my toes over her leg down to her ankles.

I moved my foot gently caressing her foot and ran my toes over her pretty white toes. She instinctively flexed her toes up to meet mine. I wrapped my toes around hers holding them gently with mine. I couldn’t help noticing the contrast between our bodies.

My s****r stirred and turned facing away from me which gave me a perfect view of her pretty ass. Her cheeks were so round and firm. They were smooth and I had to run my hand over them. I let my hand come between her cheeks and I softly ran my fingers through her crack.

I kissed her back and pulled her towards me. She felt so good in my arms. My passion for her grew and my cock was so hard it was screaming to be taken out of its prison. I unsnapped my shorts and grabbed my cock and balls and pulled them out of my shorts.

My cock was uncut so I knew it would slide out of its sheath exposing the head without causing any friction to wake my s****r up. I wrapped my right arm around her waist and pulled us close so I could spoon her. I moved my hip gently forward and felt my thick cock head leave its foreskin sheath to rub her opening.

. . . .