Praise the Lord

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While trying to live and preach the straight and narrow, he had a few secret sins he kept to himself and would often have to privately excuse himself to pull out his thick, cut 8. 5 inch cock to stroke until cumming and the temptation would subside. Knowing his weaknesses, he would often take his wife along when some of the younger girls would be on outings, so he wouldn't be tempted to lust as much.

An auburn haired wife of a deacon, and soccer mom to her c***dren. Becky was very attractive for a woman in her early 40's, with fair skin and a hint of freckles, with a nice round plump butt and breasts that balanced her out on top. Her daughter, Kelsey, was a junior in high who favored her mother, but of course was not as developed.

Dan laid out conservative rules for beach attire, which started to be violated the second day. Watching the girls in their string bikinis in the water through his sunglasses made him want to break every rule he laid down. He was reluctant to reprimand them, but knew he had to somehow, and wanted to try and do so wisely and quietly, not wanting people to think he was looking too much at the young church girls.

Plus he would have the support of her mother (Becky) who was on the trip. He called the mother and daughter from the beach to his condo room. As Dan sat down trying to cover his hard-on from the oblivious, scantily clad teen in front of him, and her mother in a tank top and short cut-off jean shorts sitting in the floor beside him, he began to gently tell the girl to dress more modestly.

The mother glared and the daughter looked shock. 'Why? Whats wrong with what I have on?', Kelsey asked. Dan stuttered, 'N. .

Nothing, it's just. . . that you are very attractive and could be a stumbling block to young boys out there.

' Kelsey sadly accepted, and excused herself to go to her room and change. Becky told her daughter to go on, that she needed to have a word with Pastor Dan. As Kelsey exited, Becky glared at the young youth pastor, and said, 'Stand up Dan, and put your hands by your side!' Dan answered hesitantly, 'Excuse me? Becky, don't be upset.

This is our policy. And it's here to protect your daughter. ' Becky insisted, 'Stand up. ' Dan said a prayer hoping his erection would be gone by the time he rose to his feet, but his cock pressed against his swim shorts.

Becky's eyes widen as she said, 'Well it looks like the only stumbling from how my daughter dresses is you. . . you pervert!' Dan butted in, 'Becky, I know I'm not above sin, and it's been tough lately with my wife so late in her pregnancy, I haven't had it in a while.

. . and it's summer. .

. ' Becky responded, 'Dan! Dan! Listen to me! I get it. But all I ask is if that's your problem and your all sexually frustrated, don't go looking at my daughter, she's too young for you. And if you can't keep your mouth shut from hurting her feelings about her bikini, then come to me.

' Becky slid the straps of her tank top and bra off her shoulders, exposing her sagging round breasts to her church's youth pastor. 'Wanna see boobs?', she asked, 'Well go ahead get a good look. Touch em. Feel em up good.

. . . .