punished by mother in law

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Jill went round behind me and started to caress my cum filled scrotem with one hand and to stroke my cock with the other. I was finding it very hard to not cum there and then as it was so sensual as Jill spread my legs as far apart as she could and proceeded to kiss and lick my balls whilst I buried my face deeper into her panties.

I was asked to go to see my MIL by my wife Cathy to help her with her computer. Jill is 72 years old but is still fairly attractive although she is quite plump, but she has a very sexy mouth and wears thick red lipstick so really does look very tarty and always wears tight black clothes and I know she often wears old fashioned corsets underneath as I have seen them in her bathroom washing box.

I said I would sort out the PC and then lock up for her when I had finished. Jill looked really smart in her usual black skirt, tight blouse and black tights with nice high heels. She was also wearing my favourite bright red lipstick and I got a small hard on just looking at her going down the front path.

I went upstairs to the spare room and switched on the PC then I needed a pee so I went to the bathroom, when I opened the door I saw that Jill had left all of her underwear she had taken off when changing on the floor. There was a very sexy pair of silk black panties a pair of 'stockings' (not tights as I always imagined she wore ) and her bra and suspender corset.

My cock became really hard on seeing all of her underwear and I imagined her having just taken it of before I came round. I couldn't resist it and I picked up her black silky panties and held them to my face. I felt really kinky sniffing a 72 year old knickers but the sexy musky smell of her panties was so strong that I knew I had to taste her crotch juices so I opened her panties and started to lick the inner silky crotch.

It tasted so good and I couldn't help myself rubbing my hard cock with my other hand. This was all too much and I knew I had to wank myself off so I took Jill's panties and went into her bedroom. The whole room smelt of her perfume and as I lay back on her bed I started to wank my cock furiously and at the same time rubbing her panties over may face.

As I wanked I imagined her sensual old pussy grinding into my face and me licking her so deeply she was moaning with pleasure. I was so engrossed in my fantasy and my cock was ready to squirt my cum all over my stomach that I did not hear the door open until I heard a gasp and I looked up to see Jill standing in the doorway with a horrified expression on her face.

I quickly tried to cover what I was doing but to no avail, Gill stood there with her mouth open and said absolutely nothing. I started to speak but she just said ' don't talk to me you pervert ' I was so embarrassed and just wanted to disappear when Jill suddenly changed her tone of voice and said ' you fucking little pervert don't say a word just do exactly what I say ' I nodded and Jill slowly took off her coat and came towards the bed with a strange smile in her face and she then leant over and put her full sexy lips on mine and I felt her tongue dart into my mouth and her lips pressed hard against mine.

. . . .