Random Encounter

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My boyfriend and I had recently split up after only a few months of dating. No matter how long we'd been together, I was in serious need of some dance therapy. Clark, one of my good friends, offered to take me out one night. .

. a hard opportunity to pass up. Clark didn't drink much, and he never had issues taking care of me if I accidentally drank myself silly. After agreeing to go out, I put some real effort into myself while I got ready.

I straightened my hair, fixed my make up quite nice, and picked out a decent outfit which generally included a nice pair of tight jeans, and a flashy low cut tank top. Since Clark and I live on opposite sides of town, we met at the club. The night started out great, I found a group of girls I'd met a few times before and danced with them.

Clark wasn't much of a dancer, so he had the tendency to sit at a table and people-watch. This seemed to work in his favor this particular night, because within about twenty minutes a fairly pretty girl sat down and started talking with him. As the night went on, Clark asked if it would be okay if he left.

Shortly after he left, I spotted a group of people I'd graduated high school with several years before, and I made my way over to say hello. It wasn't until I was closer that I saw him, one of our old high school teachers, Damien. Personally, I'd never had him as one of my teachers, but I definitely knew who he was.

Let's face it, it was hard not to admire the guy, he was quite young and very good looking. Anyways, Damien bought a round for the table and offered up the empty chair next to him for me to sit. Before I knew it, he'd treated me to five rounds and was dragging me out onto the dance floor with him.

I was originally there to dance in the first place, so it was damn hard to resist. Things started out friendly. We were mostly laughing and goofing around. But a few songs in he was working himself up to placing his hands on my hips, and I didn't find myself fighting him off.

About forty five minutes later, we were still dancing. The dance floor was getting cramped with all the extra bodies, and it meant we had a smaller space to work with in terms of dancing. With the floor now flooded with swaying bodies, the DJ changed the music to something people could bump and grind to, and I found Damien pulling me closer yet.

Damiens fingers twisted in the side of my shirt, and he began turning me so that my back was against his torso. I continued dancing to the rhythm, my hips keeping pace with the rhythm and probably moving a bit suggestively. He seemed to appreciate this, because he began pressing more firmly against me, and his head leaned down towards my neck.

'Maybe it's the alcohol kicking in, or maybe it's because you've got me so hot. . . but, you're feeling really good right about now.

' he said into my ear. I hadn't felt it yet, but he was growing hard in his jeans. 'It's probably the alcohol making you brave. ' I replied, smiling back at him.

Damien's fingers slid from my hips to my stomach, and he began gently pulling me more firmly against him. 'Probably. And regardless, you've got so many things running through my mind right now. ' he admitted.

. . . .