Random Encounter

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'Oh, like what?' I could feel my cheeks burning, if it had been brighter in the club, there was no doubt he'd see how red my face had just turned. 'Like, how your bare ass would feel pressing against me. Is that wrong?' I smiled again, and let my body reply wordlessly by swaying my ass more firmly against him.

I could hear a soft growl, and he knotted his fingers in my shirt once more, 'I guess not. But if you keep on this way, I'm gonna end up cumming in my pants. Lets get out of here. ' I nodded my head, and Damien took me by the hand and lead me outside.

******************* Not two seconds in the door, Damien gently pinned me against the wall, and grabbed my legs to lift me up. He slowly drew his face to my neck, and I could feel his five o'clock shadow tickle the bare skin. 'You have no idea how hard it was to behave in the cab. ' he murmured.

' My jaw dropped! 'You remember seeing me?' Obviously I was floored. I was the quiet, socially awkward type. I would be surprised if anyone not in my grade knew who I was. 'I do,' he replied huskily, 'I liked seeing you then, and I'm gonna love seeing you now.

My gstring was left on, and he went for my tank top next, sliding it up over my head. I was nearly naked, and he was standing at the foot of the bed looking down at me. 'Fuck, you're beautiful. ' he murmured.

Damien leaned down once more and placed a quick kiss on my lips before he made me lay back again. I found him sitting on the floor at the foot of the bed and he was gently spreading my legs. I closed my eyes and let the rest of my senses take over, I could feel his breath against my thighs as he came closer.

And then I felt his nose press to my clothed pussy when he smelled me. A small growl emanated from him, and before I could lift my head to look down at him, the material of my gstring had been pushed to the side and his tongue was getting it's first taste of my sex. 'Ahh. .

. ' I moaned softly. He took his time in exploring me, slowly lapping at my sex as I grew wet. My soft moans didn't stop rolling, and it wasn't long until I found my hips squirming against his face.

Damien slipped his arms under my thighs, and used his hands to keep me pulled down to the bed. 'Someone's liking this, huh?' he asked. 'Mmm, more than you know. ' I panted.

My hands had dropped to my sides and were balling up the sheets in my palms. 'Good, then you'll love this. . .

' I didn't ask him what he meant, I was too busy enjoying the pleasure he gave, but his tongue slid north to my clit and began flicking against it. It was then that I realized his tongue was pierced, and each time it graced my clit it was like an electric current was riding through my body. 'Fuuuck.

. . . .