Random Encounter

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. . . ' I moaned much more loudly.

My greedy hips tried desperately to squirm against him, but he wouldn't allow it and tried to keep me held down. Over and over again his tongue hit me with this sweet assault, and the build up grew quicker and quicker. 'I'm gonna cum,' I warned him, 'Fuck you're gonna make me cum!' Damien didn't let up, his tongue worked faster, circling my clit before flicking it again.

A tremble started in my legs and worked its way throughout my body. His hands released me, and I writhed against him, moaning over and over until my body began to calm again. 'God damn. .

. ' he said, again in this husky tone. I lay on his bed panting, and Damien stood up and began to undress himself. I tilted my head just enough to see him removing his clothing, and when his jeans fell to the floor, I gasped.

'You're huge. . . ' Seriously, he was.

He was easily 8 inches long, if not more. 'And you're tiny. ' he said, smiling as he leaned down on the bed. Using his thigh and his arms, he pushed me to the center of the bed, and found his place between my thighs.

He wouldn't let me feel him just yet, though. 'Do you want me?' he asked. I nodded my head in reply. 'Why?' The question threw me off.

There was no way he was looking for validation or reassurance. 'Because I always have. ' Truthful and to the point. 'Good.

' he whispered. Damien lowered himself now, I felt the tip of his cock brush against my wet pussy, teasing me. Slowly he began to grind himself against me while his lips pressed to mine. 'Please?' I begged him.

'Please what?' 'Please, I want you to fuck me. Please?' My hips rolled upwards to press myself more firmly against his length as if to get the point across. 'You don't need to beg, but I love it when you do. ' he growled softly.

His hand had to draw my thong to the side again, and then immediately I felt the tip of his cock pressing into my moist sex. He was slow at first, allowing my cunt time to adjust to his size. I could hear him sucking air between his teeth as he entered me, and once again I found myself with his sheets balled into my palm.

Inch by inch I took him, and I could feel each ridge, each vein. 'Holy fuck, you're so fucking tight, baby. ' he gasped. 'I want to see.

. . ' I told him, an odd request, but a request nontheless. Damien parted my thighs, and allowed my knees to bend.

I propped myself up on my elbows and looked down. From the looks of it, there was no way he'd fit his entire cock inside of me. But I watched until I'd taken his entire length. His hips began to slowly rock forwards and backwards, pumping himself in and out of me.

'You feel so damn good, Damien. . . He offered the kind of pleasure you weren't sure you could tolerate.

Like it was too much, yet you couldn't have enough at the same time. Damien picked up the pace a bit, and I could feel my tits begin to bounce each time his thighs met my rear -- a sight he appreciated. 'You're so beautiful. .