Random Encounter

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. . so fucking beautiful. ' he moaned.

He began to fuck me harder, and all those veins and ridges I felt had me wanting to cum again. I could feel myself building again, and he knew it by the intensity of my moans. 'You gonna cum for me, baby?' he asked. 'Mmmhmmm.

. . ' I moaned in response. 'Good, I wanna feel you cum all over my cock.

Cum like a good girl for me. ' Damien began fucking me faster and harder, further building me up until I was once again on that ledge. Within seconds of his demand I was writing under him again. My entire body began to quiver, and my pussy contracted around his enormous cock.

Filling his demand warranted a groan of approval. 'Mmmm, good girl, I can feel you squeezing all around me. . .

He wouldn't be able to see my face, but he'd get a damn good view of me fucking him. Using my hand, I lifted his cock into the air, and began to lower myself on him. A soft quelch of wetness could be heard as he entered me again and in no time I was bouncing myself up and down the length of his shaft.

Damiens hands found their place on my ass, and he pulled me down further and further as his need to fuck me deeper grew. 'God damn, girl. . .

you're already gonna make me cum. ' he warned. 'You're so fucking tight. ' I could feel him pulsating inside of me, and his hands grew needy as they guided me on his cock.

When I climbed off, he pulled me into his arms, leaving me a mess of cum while we drifted off to sl**p. That was the first, and the last time I'd ever had sex with him. If I ever had the opportunity, I'd do it all again.

. . . .