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She walked in and was grabbed from behind before she knew what was happening. He held a knife to her neck, making sure that he sliced the flesh and a drop of bl**d began to spill before he said a word. “I’ll split you open like a gutted fish if I hear a peep out of you!” Bill’s cock was hard before he even saw her, it was the expectations that aroused him.

She thought they were going to **** her, but instead they tied her up. They started with her arms, the thick rope starting at her wrists, but it didn’t stop there. It went all the way up her arms, tied around, then moved up to the next spot, until her arms were bound at least six different places.

Then they went to her legs, Raylee afraid, but they tied her ankles together tight. Then another rope was around her thighs, Raylee feeling a little better that they didn’t spread her legs. The rope from her ankles were pulled tight and then it was tied to her wrists, but not before they pulled hard and her legs were pulled behind her and her back was bowed.

Two ropes were wrapped around her body, one below her breasts and the other above, not sure why, but it held her breasts tightly confined. She gasped when she was pulled up from the floor, but she was only carried a few feet to the coffee table. They lay her down on the hard wooden table, her body half on her side.

The ropes were tight, Raylee helpless with two strange men in her house. She was afraid of the unknown. She saw him walk into the room, tall, over six feet, heavy set, but it was muscles. He wore a ski mask on his face, making him look more dangerous.

Now she knew why she was bound on the table with her mouth ungagged. He stood over her, only inches from her. His large hands went to his pants and he opened them until his cock popped free. It was long and thick, his hand holding it out in front of him.

In his other hand was the black knife, the blade was shiny and pointed. She didn’t have to be told, Raylee opened her mouth before he brought his cock down to it, the fresh wound on her neck a reminder of disobedience. She had to bend her neck back until it hurt, but she did it as the hot flesh of his cock touched her lips.

It wasn’t that she had ever sucked a man’s cock before, but this wasn’t willingly, she was being f***ed. He held his cock on her lips until she encircled it, drawing the thick, dark red head into her mouth. Her tongue began to wash over it, tasting dried pre-cum fill her mouth with the salty flavor, but she didn’t stop.

Bill felt her hot mouth engulf his cock, he held back from fucking her mouth while she went to work, her mouth lathered up the head. The knife in his hand scared her, Raylee performed as though she wanted to suck his cock. Her lips and tongue continued to work over head as his cock jerked and shuddered in pleasure.

He began to pump his hips, his thick cock slide in and out of her mouth. She tried to please him with her tongue, but his hips were urgent as he thrust faster, the strokes deeper. Her body began to bend, her head partially going off the edge of the table from his thrusts, but his hand held her still so he could fuck her mouth.

. . . .