Real story about widow woman that she was thirsty and hungry for 12 years

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I am 37 years old widow beauty woman and had not any sex relation after separation(2000) because I grow up in traditional & religion family and society that think sex with anybody except husband is illegal addition in our culture the girls should being a virgin on our wedding night can be so awkward–and even so shaming ?! Really in my first marriage since I was so young without any sex experience and haven’t sex relation so I was not sufficient sex with my husband .

Unfortunately he has not experience in make love and sex with his woman and he was thinking all times to fuck me without thinking what do I need?! After separation since I am attractive many guys were looking to be my boyfriend but I thought they were looking to have only sex relation without any respect to my personally and woman right .

I was running from all man because I thought they are looking to fuck me not thinking about me or my feeling so I was alone about 12 years without boyfriend or any sex relation and slowey I forgotten my feeling. Suddenly two years ago (2017) I invited to go to profession conference in my city .

The Professor had come from Tehran (Capital f Iran) that he was one of the top professor in finance (he had has come in my city in 2015 and I couldn’t attend to his conference despite I liked to see him) .

I heard his name before in university and profession magazine and read his articles in economic newspaper and also majority of people read his manual book in all Iranian university about finance and investing and I wished to see him .

Although he was 64 years old but it seem about 55 years old and was handsome and top lecturer. I was sitting beside his seat in conference and feel he looked me . Despite it was first time I saw him I feel I know him several years and I get nice feeling about him! I understood he has married but his family are living out of country.

Everything around me just suddenly stopped. i just couldn't stop staring. he looked right back at me and flashed me a smile that melted my heart. I asked myself constantly is this love? It was fun without any information and in the first meeting this feeling was happened.

I fell I love him but couldn’t say to anybody since he was married and also very famous that many girl and woman were thinking about him. After meeting I introduce myself to him and invite him to show seaside to my city. Against my expect he accept and we were going to walk into special park and I invite him to tea.

He accept but pay the tea and said it is his prestige that must pay table fee all times so he paid menu. I was flying with him since may audience and student was looking that I am walking with him. It was my dream to have a man same him despite has not any information about him unless he is very famous professor in my profession and also he is married and his family are out of country.

I ride him to airport and after his flight I feel something was happened to me. I tried to connect him by telegram and email and find he is also was interest to know more about me. Since I should went to capital country to pass some profession examination try to arrange a meeting to see him in Tehran (Capital of Iran).

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