Real story about widow woman that she was thirsty and hungry for 12 years

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Really I wanted to hug and kiss him but I was ashamed and afraid. I invited him to come to my city although didn’t believe he accept. next some days he called me and said he is coming tomorrow night to my city I. went to airport and feel it is several years that I know him.

He wants to go to hotel but I invited him to come to my small & simple apartment. He accepted and finally came over to me and asked some questions about my life and family. As I had a special problem in my pussy so we couldn’t have real sex till three months after surgery but we make love and I reached to fully orgasm by him.

His finger is witch to my clit and pussy. I also coming soon first lick, but I push his head inside and raised his hip. With kisses deep inside and strong lick makes me moan to the core and enjoyed so that I cried to be loved forever, this help his strong dick penetrates my softly and he urge for my love more and more till the climax.

At that point I realized that it's ideal to startup by lick my initially to satisfy He holds my hand, it was all of a sudden and my heart was about to pop up through my mouth. I somehow acted normal. He took my hand to touch his cock and really I wanted to hold his cock but I was so ashamed to do it .

I am so horny right now, somehow controlling myself. Will he kiss my lip and touch my body and play with my breast, it would feel so good. I passed first night with worry since I was very worry about his behavior since however he was a man and I was widow woman that any men were want to have sex with me.

Although we sleeping together but when I explained my sex problem that name was Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and told him it needs small surgery that I didn’t do so I don’t feeling to have sex relation he accept to haven’t real sex unless some kiss and he hug me silent without any push and didn’t try to enter his cock to me even despite he could fuck me on asshole but he didn’t do anything!! I didn’t shaved myself because I didn’t think might be he accept to come to my apartment! I was in my thoughts when I felt his lips on mine.

Slowly opening my blouse and then my blouse came off and follows my pink bra, which I wore specially for this night, butIi guess his point of interest were my boobs and not my bra. I went red for this was the first time I was exposed before someone. But the moment his tongue touched my nipples my tension vanishes and came a surge of pleasure.

He was so make loving good, biting my nipples licking my boobs all over, smashing it and running me wild all the while. He suddenly stop and I was bit offended for this halt of pleasure. He come closer and we kissed again this time he could sense my wilderness. I just couldn’t resist more.

I hugged him so tight and kissed him, sucking his approaching lips, licking his invading tongue and put his tight between my legs to push more and more that suddenly my cum wet his tight . I was fully orgasm and allow him to go to see my pussy and also touch my ass hardly without doing any sex action! He took me on his arm and laid me straight on the bed, and slowly my saree went off and then my petticoat.

. . . .

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