Real story about widow woman that she was thirsty and hungry for 12 years

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I was in lingerie only. He removed his kurta and his vest. But his pyjama remained there will a big bulge, adding to my disappointment. I want to see his cock.

He began kissing my feet and it feels so good . I think we couldn’t sleep so we were thinking about my landlord that was a crazy woman was looking to understand who is in my apartment but he suck my nipple ill morning and said these lemon are so beautiful and juicy . My heart leaped for joy and I was soaring in the skies.

That night I lay on my bed unable to sleep, thinking only about his breathtaking smile. Our first dates were perfect and beautiful memory in my life. I felt like I was living a fairy tale where I had met my king charming. He was the sweetest man ever, and he really was incredible.

I knew he is interested to be with me with all his heart just as much as I did because when he left soon support me to rent a good apartment o feel I am in depended and free woman. He pushed me to go to hospital to surgery my case and solve my pussy problem but after surgery doctor recommend can’t have real sex till three months .

When I was in hospital despite our meeting was about two weeks but he send special flower bouquet that was very beautiful and all patient in hospital thought my husband has send it but I was very happy to receive his flowers those were so expensive and beautiful. It is about two years after first night that I want to explain what appended to my life.

Finally I felt I need he lick and suck my beautiful pussy. He was so professor in make love and how I am going to top spot of orgasm that never have been before. Also he was expert in playing with my pussy and ass. He rented special apartment and invited him to come again to my apartment .

Two week after first night he came late in my new apartment . When he knocked at the ring I was so surprise and happy o see him again! I opened the door and hug him with many kissing and invite him to my bed. He sat on the edge of the bed, talking to me, and I asked him how his trip was, he nodded his answers, and then he came over and gave me a massage, as I must of looked exhausted from work.

He then began massaging me, and I was in heaven, it really relaxed me, as I began to lay in bed, he continued to comfort me with his hands, and they began to explore my body. I was eager to see where they would go. I have wanted to make love to him for a long time, he looks so sexy with his cute smile.

The way he looks at me, it just melts me. He just lay in bed while his hands roamed over me, caressing my body, as he gracefully removed my clothes, I lay in bed with just my panties on, and even then those didn’t stay on for long. He began sucking on my tits, that made me feel so good, and he squeezed and sucked on my tits for what seemed forever, and his kisses was like honey.

As he moved his way down to remove my panties, he slide a finger into my tight pussy, and I began to moan with ecstasy, as I began my desire to have him fuck me. He brought his lips to my pussy and licked my clit slowly, using his fingers to bring me to orgasm. I look at him with a lazy smile, and I told him I wanted him to didn’t push his cock to my pussy till after surgery but doing suck pussy and lick all my body that my pussy was all his, he could do whatever he wanted to do with me.

As he took his cock out, I was shocked to see how big and long it was, I imagined how good I will feel with it inside of me, how tight my pussy is, and how fat his cock is, as he began to ease his cock slowly inside of me, it hurt at first, he was gentle and keep it and put it between my legs and when he was inside, I could feel my pussy tighten around his fat cock.

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