Real story about widow woman that she was thirsty and hungry for 12 years

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He began slow strokes at first to let me adjust to his cock, and when I began to enjoy his cock inside of me, he began to fuck me faster without putting in my pussy, I wanted more, I began moaning to him, “More, Fuck Me!” he just control himself despite he was so libido and erotic . I play with his cock so much that his cut was coming two times fully.

Really I was very angry and depress that can’t allow him to go to my pussy so I decided to go to hospital to solve my problem as soon. However we passed a difficult period in three months that my pussy was ready to hosting his cock. In the first meeting after my surgery I was dressed for him when we lay in bed exploring each other’s bodies.

He was the luckiest man on the planet. He said you have new bride had several things to admire. First, you are gorgeous. Second, you are tall and slender with long legs and perfect for me with smallish delicious breasts.

Third, you are now my lady. I said him that you are the first man after my separation that could touched me and see my naked aside and explain really I feel I am beautiful bride was a virgin. He brings me a package gift includes woman watches, ring and special quilt and bedding that he taught that night is or marriage night .

It was the greatest gift I have ever received. I have very few regrets but this is my biggest to that night. I felt to compensate his kindness so pull him to bed to kiss and hug so much. I removed his cloths and underwear and find his wonderful cock fit to my small delicious pussy lips.

He admit me that when we are going to make love , first at all we are going to bath to clean each other and even use smell soap and gel in our hole since he likes suck my pussy and also my asshole with his toung. I open my legs to anticipate the joy of having his mouth and face between my lovely thighs.

I close hardly my leg when he is sucking my pussy and pushed his head and his hair to be suck more my pussy till my honey cum is coming . I love the smell & taste of hot clean his asshole and meanwhile he is crazy to taste and suck my asshole with putting his mouth to into . He told me that he is so nice to lay there beside me, kissing me, fondling my cute little breasts, sliding his hand between my legs to rub me sweet little bud and penetrate me a little with his fingers.

As I was tired to ask him to massage and he massaged my whole body and when he got to my legs, he didn't stop his hands from wandering up my inner thighs. I was in heaven because of the massage, and really turned on because he was very good with his hands. So when I felt him reach under the dress, I didn't stop him.

We like massage oils so being naked is kind of necessary. Generally before doing sex and he massaged me first I was laying on my belly so he started at my feet and worked my way up. When he got to my beautiful round ass he slowly started rubbing it and then gripping it tighter. I was loving it.

He massaged my feet, my legs, my hips, and then worked on my sides a little. He put a little more warm oil on me and moved slowly towards my breasts. He went all around them and then put to my shoulders. .

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