Real story about widow woman that she was thirsty and hungry for 12 years

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He continued alternating nipples with one hand as he massaged my thigh with his other hand. He came up real close to my pussy and I arched my back. He teased me and kept alternating thighs. He work all around my pussy and kissed my cheek until I lifted my ass and opened my legs a little.

He gently slid his finger up and down my wet pussy and circled my clit. As I began to move he slowly slid one finger inside of mine. I moaned and started to wiggle on his finger. He held it till and made me move my hips to slide it in and out.

I brought both of my hands down, opened my pussy lips with my fingers so I could circle my clit while he fingered me. I looked really sexy lying there moaning and gyrating my hips on three of his fingers. Finally I arched my back and raised my ass up off the table pushing my pussy tightly against his knuckles.

I wrapped my legs around my back as my body began to shuter. He could feel my pussy contracting around his cock. My pussy was squeezing his cock hard and pulsating as I started to cum. He could feel the pressure of each of my squirts.

Which made his cock explode right inside of me. His legs got so weak he almost fell. He fuck my with long slow strokes at first. My sensual moans were driving his crazy as we picked up speed.

Until we both reached another orgasm together. By the end of the night we reached three mind blowing orgasms together and I had a few in between. I will tell you after I discharged from hospital despite we had about six times meeting but he comply doctor recommend and although we were crazy to have fully real sex relation but he avoid to put his cock to my pussy and even when I said my ass is ready for him he told me it is not possible to fuck you before would be healthy.

His resistant to avoid sex was strong that I understand he really love me and take care about my healthy because he tried I am going to be fully orgasm without real sex but he avoid to put his beauty cock in mine. It was wonder in first year I didn’t eat his swallowing or even sucking his penis fully but he was not angry and tried to teach me how I can doing well that he will go to top spot.

I was shaking and quivering with his hard penis inside me. He didn’t stop after his orgasm. He continued sliding in and out of my insatiable pussy. I could feel his sperm leaking out and running down the crack of my bum.

15 minutes earlier and this would have grossed me out. At this point, it made me hotter and I wanted more. And I got more. Two more times he came inside me, filling me up with his love.

We were sweating and a total mess. I’ve never seen him more handsome than while lying on top of me, sweat pouring off his face and dripping on me, his throbbing penis losing it’s hardness and his sweet cum inside me. I knew this is the man who would always be there for me and I would always know I made the right choice.

After several minutes of catching our breath, kissing and groping, he rolled off and cuddled up behind me. He rubbed my entire body and fondled my breasts. We fell into a very sweet sleep. I was leaking all over her hands.

I was a little disturbed by that. He just love to go down on my body when he is still concentrating on something else, He open my legs slowly until I put both my hands on top of his head to push it to his labia’s for more pleasure and I will moan and groan to show that I'm doing a good job and repeat several times that I want to get my pussy licked by him since never been licked for 12 years after separation before that was thirsty and hungry ! Three months after my surgery that my pussy was hot and ready he invited me to special free zine and I never forget when I arrived in airport e was pick up me to his apartment.

I was ready to be fucked and I felt I am virgin and was hurry he fuck me. He bring me to bath and clean me and similar pervious massaged me to be relax and we drink some wisky that was te first time I drink alcole. After a short nap, his cock was hard again, and he wanted to fuck me again, I was ready and spread my legs for his cock to go in my pussy, as he rubbed his cock on my pussy, I was excited to have that monster inside me again, but this time, he said he wanted to fuck me in the ass.

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