Real story about widow woman that she was thirsty and hungry for 12 years

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I was nervous, because as he fucked my pussy, he cock is so big, it actually hurt, but I didn’t want to disappoint him, so I asked him to be gentle and go slow. I let him play with my asshole, he rubbed his cock on it, and it was feeling good, then he began to push it in, and I could feel my asshole stretching to take his cock inside of me.

He began to move faster, and fucked me harder and deeper, I must have had several orgasms during our first fuck. As he fucked me, I began moaning, more, fuck me, don’t stop I don’t want you to stop, your cock, it feels so good inside my pussy, as he was about to cum, he pulled his dick out and shot his cum on my tits.

He got about an inch inside my ass, and he stopped moving to let me relax my ass as his cock was inside. After several minutes, he began to fuck my ass with slow strokes, it made me feel so good. He fucked me for what seemed forever, as he was about to cum, he didn’t pull his cock out, instead he shot his cum up inside my ass, I could feel the warmth of his cock and cum inside me, as he layed me down on my side, he left his cock inside my ass still, and held me close to him.

I was thinking about my pervious years without any sex and In was so thirsty he fuck me more and more since my pussy was crazy to fuck . AS I underrated he will be my man and he was so nice man I let him fuck me anytime and anywhere, I know that no other man will ever give me as much pleasure as he gives me, if only every girl has a boyfriend like mine.

I’m lucky indeed. It was my first trip in that free zone and he bring me to seaside all land and I was so happy spent time with him in two days . When we back home I told him please do anything you like but try I can do it same you! He did everything was surprises for me since I didn’t go out of country so he suddenly call me and said he is in Dubai and send ticket for me to flight to bre join him! It was excellent.

I was afraid since it was first travel out of my country so didn’t understand what do I do? But he was smart and arranged everything from Iran airport to Duba airport. I was worry abut if he ca;t come to airport what can I do despite he has send hotel address . When I arrived in airport saw he was there with beauty flowers .

Even he brought me special cloths that I changed my cloth in bathroom and we went to hotel that our room was decorated by flower, kite and funny pictures with fully wine was written happy birth day . We went to bath and wash with 5 wine battle and he put some wine in my pussy and asshole and lick and suck my pussy that I become crazy to be fucked!? I decide allow him to fuck my asshole despite I didn’t do it before .

I think it was special gift for him ,for his excellent sex relation , for his respect to me and for everything . He is so smart to fuck my asshole and he suck my ass before so delicious and slow by slow without using any oil or gel put his big cock to my ass that really it is wonder and delicious for me never heard about that.

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