Real story about widow woman that she was thirsty and hungry for 12 years

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I promise him every time he can fuck my ass but he is so gentle and accept only in memorial days same my birthday, his birthday and our anniversary date can do it. I was thinking that I am most fortune and so lucky woman after 12 years alone find a man he was fully attention to my life that I didn’t remember my birthday but he was arranged my birthday private party in hotel .

He kissed me and said happy gorgeous lady birthday . I was in his hug and we begin make love so hard . he put down me on bed and pour ice cream and win in my pussy and asshole and sucking same thirsty and pushed his toung. I to my pussy around and clit.

I was nicely to be fucked . I kissed all his face . He suck my neck and nipple so hard that my orgasm was happened soon. He loves to eat my pussy he can make them cum less than ten minutes.

He just have the magic tongue I will goes just crazy till I say oh damn u but turn me out I will put my hand over my mouth to hold back my moaning three minutes I will push him away putting his hands between my forehead trying to stop the tingling sensation to the brain but all times I'd rather be licked then to get a cock in my sexy pussy.

. . ohhh my GOSH! . I miss those days when I got licked the whole night by him is my love.

He loves to lick suck my clit and pussy all day along but really despite I am younger I can’t accompany with him since his experience are excellent. He loves to eat my pussy better than any form of sex. His fantasy is that I commands him to lick my feet and then slowly pushes his head to my pussy fucking his face.

I kissed his chest his neck and then I came to my dream destination. His cock stand tall before me, I kissed it above his underwear. My ass was facing him and I could feel his grab on them and they come his tongue. He licked it so good ummmmm.

I pulled his underwear down and then his boxer. First cock ever I saw in real and it is so beautiful, throbbing hard with nerves all over it. It was about 7 inches and I want it all in me. I kissed its huge tip and licked the pre cum of it.

It tastes something i never tasted before. I wanted him more and more and took cock full in my mouth and what I did was gag and gag and gag. His tongue felt so good in my pussy and i was moaning with his cock in my mouth awk awwwkk. .

AAAHHH. . And then his finger came there and as he tried to enter my hole pain ran through my body.

I remember in first New Year holiday we were in honey month vacation and I proposed he fuck my ass.

he was so happy so bring me to bath and washed my body and asshole with red wine and we drink wine and back to bed that he ride me slowly but strong and after 20 minutes make love turn my body and wet my ass with ice cream and red wine then suck my asshole with his toung.

I that my ass was ready to fuck then put and pushed his big cock to my ass that really I didn’t feel any hurt so he was expert in fucking ass .

he poured his hot cum to my ass and I said push more till end of your cock going to my ass. It was first time that my ass was fucked! Since it was so comfortable and delicious I learned how to allow him to fuck my ass next times since he can fuck my breath, my objective, my brain, my body and my heart and my existence.

. . . .

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