Real story about widow woman that she was thirsty and hungry for 12 years

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It is very important to me understand my partner will come to my heart not only my pussy or ass. I love the feel of his slippery tongue on my clit and he keep his tongue flat and soft, not pointy! Wondering is when he feels my clit swelling ,he gently suck it into his lips, I love the feel of gentle sucking on my clit! Then he slowly back off and leave his soft wet flat tongue on my clit.

He climax nears me begins to thrust against his tongue, this brings on an earth shuddering climax for me that leaves my breathless! It was wonder for alone widow woman that was never been licked sucked or fucked in past 12 years but the when he make love, makes me cum more than two times in a 20 minutes! It is my sex feeling that said I love when he licks my pussy and lounge so hard that I start to fucking cum in his mouth and then I suck his dick, and now I'm an amazing cock sucker, I'll make him cum so hard he will be sore and come back for more and I will suck him dry.

It is wonder sometimes he become orgasm 4 times in a night by me and he believes that is special accident for his sex life after 20 years he could come more than twice in a night. He believes this effect of my hot pussy, my sex behavior, my sex attractive, my sex gravity and his feeling about me.

I learned to suck his cock and eat his swallowing despite I felt his cum essence is not delicious test in first time and his cum was salty but when I remembered he eat my ass and pussy so hard and In would be fully orgasm , forget his test cum and eat all of his cum with fully sufficient and in the other time I really eat his cum with happy that is so delicious for me specially when he used ice cream and wine to his cock and put all his cock to my toung.

I like to suck his dry and keep sucking him till he become aroused again. Which really turns me on. I actually love the taste of his cum and seems to prefer cum swallowin to vaginal sex. Sometimes he wants to fuck me but I ant to swallow his cum .

Also I squeals while he ride me throat like I am coming himself. As I suck him off, he often fantasize verbally to me about sucking his asshole that I loved it so much. It is worthy to attention to all woman that don’t forget to eat your man’s swallowing. Just do it.

The payback is tremendous. Your man will do anything for you. From my experience, he feels the greatest pleasure for that 2-5 seconds when he is coming. That is when the woman has to keep licking the head of the penis and keep swallowing to maximize the pleasure.

I can't complain because I absolutely love the taste of my man’s cum, especially when he forces his cock down my throat and comes, saving some for my tongue!!! So, girls & woman, if you're going to do it, then for god's sake do it properly. You will found that if you let him cum all over your face and then use your fingers to eat the cum, it's soooo sexy and I just think of ice cream when I eat his load.

I am sure when I am doing it my man respect to me and he will never forget what I am doing for his sufficient in bed. My partner explained all about sex position and sex behavior so we use no contraceptives for intercourse. During my fertile period, my partner pulls out when he is about to ejaculate, moves up my body, and I take him in my mouth.

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