Real story about widow woman that she was thirsty and hungry for 12 years

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There is only a slight aftertaste. We have done this from our past two years till now and enjoy it especially, as this way I can take his seed into my body without any worry . As sometimes he avoid that I eat his swallowing Because I loved him I did it with, I wanted to taste him and it was mind-blowing having him cum in my mouth after he had fucked the face off me.

I love going down on him and tasting his pre-cum . . . and then sucking him to the point of no return.

Any other way I think would be horrid. I feel he likes to be sucked so I love to give blowjobs more than anything. I don't feel complete unless my lover cums in my mouth. It is incredibly sexy to me.

I always let him know up front that I want him to cum in my mouth. It takes any worry out of his head and it makes me feel sexy to let him know I love to swallow. If you love to give head, love to swallow! But one thing is very important that women will do it when their man respect them, love them and are not looking only fuck them?! We were going to Istanbul for my birthday in 2017 and he decorate room in hotel same Dubai with special flower, kite and pictures that really I was so happy and decide to do everything for him.

We went to bathroom to take the shower to gather and he washed my body with wine and we drink so much wine to back to bed. I hold him to bed and eat his horney cock that so so big ,hard and put it in my mought to pour all his sperm to my mouht Since I love him so I always swallow his cum and I love the way it tastes.

He was so drunk and cry eat more and more that I felt e has been cray and then slowly went to beside his body that was so hot. He kissed me and went down to my body to begin suck my pussy and retuned me to suck mu asshole. I was foolish when he pushed his top toung to my asshole and play his finger with my pussy .

I felt it is heaven that I am so happy with sex and love and my orgasm was fully and fully. I am only two years with him but he is the only guy I have been with. I love him and do everything for him. I have drunk his cum before and I love to lick his ass.

We do everything and anything and I can't get enough of him as I am sure he has been doing for me till now. When I think to past 12 years without any man , any sex and any support and compare with my current situation , I pray the god that I find my man that addition he fully support me also he make love as profession man with me to suck my tits before he start to eat my pussy .

I really love to be suck on my clit gentle & then back & lick my r ass put his tongue in it & go back to my pussy again!! I had such great orgasm in this period after that I get a good fuck. So after two years relation and several meeting that we are couple fun I feel I am super horny so I directly ask my man to lick my pussy and he do it so slimy after that he made me cum all over his face and I was moaning and groaning at the way through and after my cum is coming turn to his body and slowly suck his cock fully to eat his swallow that is very delicious for me and now I am fully widow with sexy orgasm! .

I can’t explain my sex relaton to my friends since I afraid they will try to steal my man to have nice sex ?! We are loving together and all times I say really you are professor not only in finance but even in sex and love relation. . . .

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