Red Eye Flight

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I am a pilot for a company that moves planes and jets around the country, even around the world. I like it because it pays well and I get to fly alot of different aircraft and I do not have to deal with the public. This trip we moved some aircraft to South America and were to bring back a large airliner to the states.

It was going to take us all night. I boarded the aircraft with the two men that would be the pilots. I was looking forward to having the whole cabin to myself and getting some sl**p. At the last minute we were informed by the company that we had a VIP onboard.

As we prepared for takeoff I went back to introduce myself. To my surprise it was an attractive older woman that I did not recognize. Her name was Abby, tall, skinny, flat chested, grayish blonde hair, and nice smile with warm brown eyes. I would guess her to be in her late fifties.

She was very well educated and I could tell she was very wealthy. She asked me to sit with her and keep her company. After we got in the air I made both of us some drinks and we started talking. We hit it off almost immediately, we were laughing and having a great time.

Our conversation started pretty tame but got pretty raunchy the more we talked. Then out of the blue she asked me about the mile high club and if I was part of that. I thought it best to play stupid and told her I did not know what that was and I was thinking that Abby would launch into some sex story, actually I was hoping.

She explained to me what the mile high club and that she had always wanted to join in. Stupid me was still waiting for a story to start about her and her husband (she had a massive wedding ring on). Abby looked at me right in the eye with this very sexy look and asked 'Are you game?' I was taken off guard as the last thing I would think that this woman would want would be sex.

I stared at her, her smile and look in her eyes made my cock hard as steel. This woman wants to fuck me right here right now. I have never fucked an older married woman before, I have always went for the young hot single slutty girls, but I am always up for something new and it has been a few weeks since my last fuck.

We embraced and started kissing passionately, our hands exploring each other. My hands made their way up under her skirt and around her panties to her super wet cunt. We both stood up and Abby pulled up her skirt and took off her panties and flipped up the armrest and laid across the four seats with her legs open.

It only took about two minutes for me to bring Abby to orgasim, and it was a big one. She bucked and screamed and locked her legs tightly around my head. She said it had been a while for her and she needed that. Now it was my turn and I moved up and plunged my cock deep inside her.

Her pussy was not the tightest I had ever been in but it not the loosest either. She was a good fuck, she was meeting my thrust and I was really putting that old pussy threw its paces. After several minutes my balls were boiling and I buried my cock as deep as I could get into that pussy and blasted her womb with a massive load of cum.

. . . .