Rose pt 2

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The following Saturday I was dropped at Rose’s house to begin my education and contemplation. Rose opened the door wearing her uniform. I could see she was wearing sheer black nylons and black high heels. My cock began to twitch.

Rose kissed me lightly on the lips and smiled. “Have you brought back the panties I gave you?” she asked. I took the skimpy panties out of my pocket. They were covered in my cum.

Rose too them from me and held them to her face inhaling the aroma of my spunk. “Good boy. It looks like you enjoyed wearing and playing with these. ” Rose took my hand and led me up the stairs.

She took me into what was clearly her bedroom. The curtains were closed and on the bed was some lovely red underwear. Rose held it out to me and told me to try it on. I quickly undressed.

Rose had seen my cock and I had ne embarrassment. I just wanted to get this sexy lingerie on. Before long I was standing in front of Rose wearing a lacy red bra, full red lace panties and a suspender. I was struggling with attaching the black fully fashioned stockings to the suspender.

Rose came over to help and once they were on she ran her hands up my legs. “You have good legs you sexy boy. Next time I will arrange for some shoes and other clothes. Would you like that sweetie?” she asked.

I could feel my cock begin to stretch my lace panties. Rose smiled and looked at me as she undid her skirt letting it fall to the floor. She stepped out of the skirts. She was white satin briefs and suspender.

The satin showed a hint of dark shadow underneath. Her lovely legs were covered by very sheer black silk stockings. Her legs were not slim but there thickness turned me on more than any skinny model in a magazine had ever done. She walked over to me.

“I can tell by that lovely cock of yours you like what you see. ” As she spoke her hand went into my panties pulling out my rock hard cock. I gasped as my cock was held by someone else for the first time. She sat me on the bed and began to wank my cock.

I was embarrassed as I came very quickly shooting a huge load of sticky spunk onto mine and Rose’s stockings. I as gabbled my apologies for cumming so quickly Rose scooped some of the spunk and sucked it off her fingers before sliding her fingers into my mouth. For the first time I tasted spunk and I enjoyed the salty bitterness.

“Don’t worry,” Rose whispered,” You have a plenty more and plenty of stamina. ” As she spoke she lay on the bed and began to remove her panties. I was mesmerised as her dark bush containing a few grey hairs was. She told me to get between her legs and look at her pussy.

I had never seen one apart from in grubby porn mags found in local woods. I was fascinated. I did not expect to see all the folds of skin. (I was naive) Rose spread what she called her pussy lips and showed me her clit and explained what lovely sensations she felt when it was stimulated.

She told me to get closer and I could smell her sweet musk. Without thinking I put my mouth to her pussy. I loved the smell and taste. “ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes.

. . . .