Saving the Best for Last

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This is my fantasy of that meeting, however the final result was the real-life ending. Their names and locations have been change to keep their identities safe. In the Sex Stories Forum, there is a Calling All Writers challenge. This is my entry.

Please take the time to go there, read all of the wonderful stories and vote for your favorite. For reasons of my own, I can no longer allow public comments, nor do I make them. Please feel free to pm me with your critique. I can only become a better writer with your input.

Thank you. Scott stood up in frustration, sending his desk chair wheeling across the room and slamming against the wall. The motion caused his monitor to shake, almost tipping over. A womans voice came over the speakers.

Scottie, ye canna keep stomping around like that! I canna see ye and yer words arent makin any sense. Scott went back to the computer and leaned in toward the screen. Kara, you just dont understand! When I tell you Im broke Im broke! My unemployment checks are going to stop in six weeks.

I took classes and tried to get into voice-overs for commercials, but nothing. I thought I was at least safe with that because no one would have to look at me. What the hell is wrong with this world when a man who is ready and willing to work cant get a job? Kara did her best to stifle a yawn.

It may have only been four oclock in the afternoon where Scott lived in the states, but it was eleven at night in Scotland. She had been up early preparing her cottages for the coming weekend lodgers, but she couldnt cut him off when he was so upset. She shivered as she heard the wind and rain hitting the windows of her century old farmhouse.

Kara was thankful she had installed central heating a few years ago. In a calm voice she said, Ach, listen ma friend, ye have to stop this. Its a waste of energy. No everyone is agin ye.

Scottie, me een are about to close. I will caw ye in the morning. Let me sleep on this, okay? Oh Kara, Im sorry. You let me piss and moan for the last half hour and I never once thought about you.

Get some sleep, sweetie. Ill talk to you tomorrow. Im going to stay up and try and figure out how long I can last here. Good night, darlin, Scott said, missing her already.

She let the cat out, locked the door, and stumbled up the stairs to bed. A whimper caused her to peek in on her son, Duncan, who had tossed off the blankets in his sleep. She tucked him in once more, brushing his strawberry-blond hair off his forehead and giving him another kiss good-night before turning in.

She still had to put linens on the beds in the cottages and check on the salt-blocks for the cows. Duncan mumbled a good morning to his mother as she slid a plate of eggs and sausages in front of him. Dont be dawdling after school today, Duncan. I need you to come straight to the car.

Its going to be a busy weekend at the farm, she said looking at her fair-haired bairn. He had his fathers wavy hair with a hint of red, but he had his mothers sparkling blue eyes and her dry sense of humor. After Kara dropped him at school, she did her banking and stopped at the post office in Kirriemuir.

. . . .