Seeing mum and the swingers club

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It was a Friday evening and I was in the lounge watching some television, mum had her friend shelly over and they were off out for some dinner shortly. I was very much looking forward to this evening as I was planning on doing something I hadn’t done before, I had done a little research and discovered that there was a swinger’s club/house about an hour from us.

I had never thought of doing anything like this before but had finally plucked up the courage to get myself together and go, and see what it’s all about. I wondered into the kitchen and got chatting to mum and her friend shelly, for their ages they both look pretty fit all dressed up, a little to dressed up for dinner out but I suppose they do not do it often.

I have known shelly for many years now as they had been best friends for ages so as they left they both gave me a kiss on the cheek and off they went. I went upstairs and started getting ready, the nerves had started kicking in, I was pacing up and down trying to calm myself down, which I couldn’t understand why as at the same time I was so horny and excited thinking of the idea.

An hour went by and I quickly polished off a beer and decided to head out. I drove for about an hour and now was really looking forward to it. As I approached the house from the directions I had, it felt strange It looked like a totally normal house, well a part from the fact it was a mansion, it just didn’t look seedy or anything that way, maybe I was over thinking, why would it look any different I thought.

I started heading up to the main door, I was greeted and told of the rules. It seemed pretty relaxed and now I was started to fill calm. Inside I headed straight to the bar, I said on the stall and ordered myself a drink, whilst waiting I turned and had a look round the room, there were plenty of women and men all talking, I had noticed a few guys walking round semi naked and some even naked.

Still most of the women were in dressing gowns it was then straight away I saw this women and thought wow, she’s hot. A beautiful blonde, great figure, her gown was open just hanging a part I could see her lovely naked body. Excitement kicked it right there, but I still didn’t know how to approach the situation.

I could see a few people leaving and it was horny knowing they were going to a room to have some fun. I sat there drinking my beer and a guy in what looked like his 50’s came and sat next to me. He introduced himself to me as Barry, we got chatting and Barry was telling me about the club and what can and can’t be done, and how it all works.

Barry seemed like he had been here plenty of times, told me some of the men are protective over their wives and some women are here by themselves and almost anything goes. We carried on chatting over a beer and he offered to give me a tour of the place. We started walking round and a few guys and women would smile at me and a few would say hello to Barry.

We came to the first bedroom, the door was open and inside was a couple of guys wanking off over a lady lying on the bed, and Barry smiled at me and asked if I wanted to go in. To be honest I’m not fussy but she not my cup of tea at all and off we went. We kept coming up to doors and people were having sex openly and people were just watching, some there were 3-5 of them on one bed.

. . . .