Sex on a Bus

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Being a voyeur can bring me as much pleasure as being a direct participant. I have watched my wife fucking multiple partners at home, in a car, and have watched as she sucked cock in adult theaters and kneeling behind a bush where she might get caught. When younger I would be a 'peeking tom' while watching neighbors as they fucked, and once I hid in a closet with a buddy and we watched his wife service a big black cock of a stranger she met in a bar.

But one of the most erotic times watching others was when my wife and I were in Belize riding in a very crowded bus. Anna and I were sitting side-by-side, and the aisle down the middle of the bus was packed with people standing. Standing next to me was a young man, late teens, maybe, and he was standing behind an American woman who was in her 70's.

As the bus jerked and bounced around on the rough road I realized that she kept swaying back against the guy behind her. He obviously was excited and his cock had grown hard in his shorts. I nudged my wife and she looked over and saw that the American now seemed to deliberately move back and rub her butt against his cock.

I'm not sure if they thought the bus was so crowded that no one could see what was happening, or if the American didn't care if they were being watched. The boy was clearly getting very aroused, and the American reached back and started stroking him through his shorts. That wasn't enough for him, so he pulled the front of his shorts down far enough that his cockhead was exposed.

It was wet with precum, which her curious fingers found. She stroked him a bit, got her fingers wet with his precum, licked her fingers off then reached back and wrapped her hand around his cock and really started jerking him off. Then Anna and I realized that the guy in front of the American had reached back and had his hand in her shorts.

The guy in front was fingerfucking her. She was braless and her nipples were hard and easily visible through the thin blouse she was wearing. As the bus swayed there would sometimes be a space between the guy behind the American, and Anna and I both saw that sitting on the other side of the aisle was a young couple, probably not in their 20's, who was also watching the show.

Both the boy and the girl were wearing loose shorts, and his hard, uncut (like mine) cock was sticking out and inch or so. His girlfriend's loose shorts hid nothing: her legs were slightly spread and Anna and I both had a great view of her hairless pussy. The girl had reached over to her boyfriend and had his cockhead between her fingers.

She squeezed and pulled his foreskin back and forth as they watched the sexual buildup between the three standing in the aisle. The guy fingerfucking the American increased the pace and seemed to drive his finger deeper into her cunt. She responded by stroking the cock in her hand faster and faster.

She wasn't loud enough to make heads turn, but she gasped, tightly closed her eyes, and then she reached down, and hard against the hand that was working on her cunt. I knew my wife wanted to cum but she did restrain herself. I also knew that her pussy was sopping wet as it always was when she became the least bit aroused.

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